Quickdial – Review

On September 3, 2008

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Quickdial – Review

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By: Brian Nezvadovitz

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-20


Price: 0.99

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The iPhone is a lot of things but it is, for many of us, first and foremost, a phone.

The problem is, while the iPhone blows away so many other mobile devices, as a phone it remains a bit limited. As we have previously noted the biggest is- NO VOICE DIAL.

As I have previously noted though, the few voice dial options currently available are fundamentally flawed. In part they are flawed because of the apps. In part they are hamstrung by the very structure of the iPhone OS. (Read- no quick way to activate VoiceDial even if the app is GREAT.)

So it is workaround time.

QuickDial is yet another example of a "good enough" workaround. It isn’t ideal but it will do until something better comes along.

Quickdial is simple. It lets you set one number that, when the app’s icon is touched, dials the number. Simple. Effective. Fast.

Is it worth $.99? That’s a judgement call. If you want to have quick access to more than one number you can use Favorator.  Unfortunately, Favorator adds at least one additional step as you tap the app’s icon and then the number you want. Ideally, I would recomend using a combination of the two. Favorator for your favorites and QuckDial for your very most frequently dialed number.


Quick Take

Value: Medium

Would I Buy Again: Maybe  

Learning Curve: Low

Who is it for: Someone who needs quick access to a single number  

What I like: Quick access. Simple. Effective.

What I Don’t: Only one number can be set (although it can be changed).   

Final Statement: Until voice dial comes this is another good way quickly dial a number.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Have you ever wanted to call your home, significant other, or best friend with just the touch of a button? Well now you can - with Quickdial!

This application gives you one touch calling functionality on your iPhone or iPhone 3G. Just set the phone number you wish to call in Settings, and when you tap the Quickdial icon from your dock or springboard, that person will be called. You'll wonder how you lived without this.

Main features:
* One touch dialing support
* Enter a phone number for speed dial
* Select a number from iPhone Contacts
* Can change the phone number later on
Also try Quicktext for single-button texting!O U R   T A K E . . .

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