QuickReader – Young Readers Speed Reading eBook Reader – Review

On May 19, 2010

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QuickReader – Young Readers Speed Reading eBook Reader – Review

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By: Inkstone Software, Inc.

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2010-02-26


Price: 4.99

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I enjoy reading, and unlike most people I don’t need a big screen to read on, so the iPhone screen is sufficient. 

QuickReader allows you to input the speed at which you read, and then automatically highlights the words you’re currently reading and turning the page for you at the right moment.

The app is preset at 300 words per minute and 3 stops per line, but in the event that is too fast, you can tap the screen to pause and adjust the speeds accordingly.  You can also set the app back to "Normal Reading" in the event you want to turn pages for yourself. 

One excellent feature of the app is the ability to change the font and background color, as I have often had a better time at reading white font against a black background.  You can also control the font size, font type, paragraph spacing and line width for an optimal reading experience.

The app accesses feedbooks.com for content from the library.  The only downside to this is that unlike Amazon or Apple, the people behind QuickReader don’t have contracts with the major publishers, so the books tend to be either public domain or self-published (including some self-published comic books utilizing characters that are most definitely not public domain).  However, the majority is free so you may discover that great author that the major publishing houses rejected for some reason.

It’s a good app with some serious competition in Kindle and iBooks.  However, if you enjoy books that are in the public domain, I would select this app above the aforementioned two.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Quite possibly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Reading enthusiasts.

What I Like:Easy to use. Large selection.

What I Don't Like:No popular books. Just public domain works.

Final Statement:The best app I've seen thus far for reading e-books.

Read the Developer's Notes:
The ability to read well is a primary success factor in school and in life. Now you can teach your kids and students proper reading and eye tracking skills with this special edition of QuickReader -- including 31 age-appropriate texts for boys and girls of all ages.  QuickReader Young Readers Edition teaches kids to read faster and more efficiently, while enjoying over 30 children's classics. Unlike other reading apps, QuickReader provides a natural guided reading experience, training your eyes to track optimally and expand the number of words that can be read in a single glance. The reading experience is highly customizable. And at any time you can gauge your progress by taking a reading speed test.  Accelerate learning potential- Learn proper reading technique.- Enhance focus and ability to tune out distractions- Finish homework faster.- Increase reading comprehension.- Improve test scores.- Stop back-tracking FEATURES- All books pre-loaded, no network needed- Import your own content with copy and paste- Read at a consistent WPM (Words Per Minute) speed- Adjust your WPM incrementally- Focus your attention on larger groups of words or lines- Learn optimal eye tracking- Measure your speed reading ability and improvement- Practice anywhere, anytime and pick up where you left offNo matter what your current reading level or learning style, QuickReader can be tuned to your ability and set at your own pace.- Speed tests to track progress- Seven different guide styles- Reading speeds from 100 to 3,000 WPM- Fully adjustable guides, multi-word or multi-line- 1000s of colors to choose from- Multiple pre-packaged color schemes- Options for font, size, and line spacing- Narrow and widen text width- Portrait and landscape modes- Rotation lock- Return to bookmark on startup INCLUDES 30+ CLASSICS INCLUDING:- Tom Sawyer- The Arabian Nights- Black Beauty- The Bobbsey Twins- The Book of Dragons- The Call of the Wild- Captains Courageous- Gulliver's Travels- The Jungle Book- Kidnapped- Kim- King Solomon's Mines- A Little Princess- Little Women- Men of Iron- Robin Hood- Peter Pan- Pollyanna- The Princess and the Goblin- Robin Hood- Robinson Crusoe- Stories for Parents, Children and - Grandchildren- The Story of Doctor Dolittle- Tarzan of the Apes- Treasure Island- The Wind in the Willows- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Plus: User Guide and Speed Reading Tips With QuickReader, you will prepare your kids for a lifetime of reading success.

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