Quicksend – Review

On July 27, 2008

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Quicksend – Review

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By: Matthew P Smith

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-17


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I really want to like this app. No, that’s not quite accurate. What I meant to write is-
I really really really want to like this app.

In its current form, however, I don’t like it and can’t recommend it.

Like many I am on email all day long. some responses require a long, thoughtful, personal response. Many, perhaps even the majority these days, though, call for a quick standard response. And that is the idea behind QuickSend. Fire up the app, scroll to the contact you want to email and then scroll to one of the ten preset messages, including
Lunch today?
Stuck in traffic.
Be there in 20 minutes.

Great idea. Bad execution.


First- "People who live in glass houses…" still…

If you are going to have ten preset responses in an app with wide distribution via the App Store you should probably check the spelling first. I am a life member of the Hall of Fame of Poor Spelling but last I heard "Tomorrow" has only one "M".

Second- The app is currently a veritable needle in a haystack.

I have 1700 contacts in my address book. Of that number, though, I regularly email only a small percentage of them. The current app offers no option to select a subset of the addresses. As a result, I can type out an exceptionally long email one letter at a time in the time it would take to find the correct address out of my 1700.

Third- Your presets may not be my presets

The app offers ten preset messages but only a few are actually useful to me. If the app allowed me to create my own messages it would become indispensable. In its current form it is all but worthless to me.

Quick Take:

Value: In its current form zero. In a future update it could be awesome.
Would I Buy Again: Not in its current form.
Learning Curve: Low. that’s the idea.
Who is it for: People who need to shoot off quick email responses.
What I like: The concept.
What I Don’t: The execution

Final Statement: QuickSend has the makings of a superb productivity application. The ability to  shoot off quick email responses with one hand is a great one and, hopefully, it will be realized in a future update. For now, as they say in Texas- big hat, no cattle.

Read the Developer's Notes:
1. Select a contact's e-mail
2. Select a short message
3. Launch and send the e-mail.

Easy to do one-handed!
  O U R   T A K E . . .

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