Quoth HD for iPad Review

On January 5, 2012

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Quoth HD for iPad Review

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If you were to play the game Hangman with quotations rather than words or phrases, you would have the app Quoth HD. In that regard, it’s a brilliant app.

The app begins by asking a user to spin a spinner of six random letters which apparently chooses the quote (you can opt to remove the spinner from the game). The game starts in “Relaxed” mode but other, more difficult modes can be earned by the accumulation of points.

The game actually has more similarity to the game show Wheel of Fortune than Hangman, since the user is expected to pick the missing, highlighted letter in the phrase with all other occurrences of the same letter similarly highlighted.

Quotes are gotten from various sources including interviews with notable figures in history, movies and books. You can also mark a quote as “favorite” or share it with friends. It’s possible to get all the quotes instantly and remove ads through an in-app purchase.
The user can earn points by decrypting the quote quickly and accurately. With points, you can buy other libraries of quotes (or simply resort to the aforementioned in-app purchase to get them all).

One problem I had with the game is that it seems to ignore the iPad volume. Even when the iPad sound is turned off, the game plays sound effects. Not good if you’re playing in a public location.

Overall, it’s a fun and addicting game. It’s worth the effort of downloading especially for the price (free).

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We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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