Rainbow Tissue Cat Review – Rainbow, not Nyan

On December 7, 2012

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Rainbow Tissue Cat Review – Rainbow, not Nyan

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By: Sunny Tam

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-06-10

Developer: Sunny Tam

Price: 0.99

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Nope, this is not Nyan Cat but can sure pass off as a relative of it. A game targeted at the younger ones, Rainbow Tissue Cat involves bouncing off platforms as well as making reference to a certain rainbow spewing kitten.

The objective of Rainbow Tissue Cat is to navigate your kitten as it bounces off platforms all over the screen while attempting to take down the numerous birds as they cross from one side to the other. All this while the cat is seated on a roll of toilet paper while emitting a trail of rainbows. Of course, power ups are made available although they do not actually serve much purpose other than aesthetically beautifying the cat. Of course, in later stages there will also be projectiles to avoid.

This game will not really appeal to the older generation of players. Instead, it is geared more towards players under the age of 7, who will definitely enjoy the cute graphics of the game.

With unlockables and upgrades made available in the game, it adds a form of purpose somewhat to carry on with playing the game. Combos can also be created by chaining takedowns, and these earn extra points for the players.

Priced at $0.99, Rainbow Tissue Cat will definitely keep the children occupied.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Simple

Who Is It For:Little children

What I Like:The cuteness of the game

What I Don't Like:Game gets boring rather quickly for older players

Final Statement:This is really cute, but is also an example of how cuteness can bore quickly

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What people say about Rainbow Tissue Cat:

Featured as Gaming App Of The Day!
- Kotaku

"Be a flying cat in a roll of toilet paper, and scream NYA!"
- Touch Arcade (4/5)

"Fans of the Super Crate Box genre should definitely check this one out"
- The App Shack (4/5)

"fan of the mega cute will want to have Rainbow Tissue Cat in their iOS game library"
- G4TV

"If you like Internet Memes and cute bouncing kitties, you'll absolutely love this game"
- Game Informer

Meowji Castle is under attack by pesky woodpeckers! Help Mr.Tibbles the lazy guard cat do his job by bouncing on his favourite roll of tissue paper to swat away the birds and avoid the castle's traps!

-Rainbow powered tissue bouncing action!
-Simple, addictive gameplay
-Randomly generated levels across three stages, no two games are the same!
-Hit more birds in one jump to score big points!
-Level up Mr.Tibbles to unlock new powers
-Smash around the castle with the fireball upgrade!
-Earn mega-points by unlocking Mr.Tibbles' ninja senses!
-Collect stars to give Mr.Tibbles new outfits!
-Compete with friends on Game Center scoreboards
-Collect Game Center achievements

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