Razor: Salvation Review – Worth every single penny (or cent)

On December 12, 2012

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Razor: Salvation Review – Worth every single penny (or cent)

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By: Crescent Moon Games

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-06-06

Developer: Crescent Moon Games

Price: 0.99

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With an extensive storyline and rich graphics, Razor: Salvation is definitely one of the games to look out for. With an intense animated comic style introduction for the backstory, Razor: Salvation does strike with a great first impression. Following which, users are prompted to register their usernames as well as join a faction when first launching the game.

Gameplay involves navigating around an apocalyptic world, blasting enemy aliens to smithereens. With a heavy weapon mounted on, players need only consistently scan the area for beings to destroy. However, this is easier said than done, especially when hordes of enemies come out in later levels that prove to be a real pain to destroy collectively. Players can also rescue civilians endangered by the violence and bloodshed all around.

The game allows for added progress through the introduction of customizable weapons and upgrades. This adds to keeping the game interesting with a wide range of weapons to try and choose from.

Razor: Salvation does a good job in the designs department. While the game is not exactly very realistic, it is still rendered quite decently and clearly. Razor: Salvation does a great job with the sound effects, using complementing blood pumping music to get the adrenaline flowing coupled with screams of help and terror hurling across the background. It can be obviously seen that much thought and effort was put into the development of this game.

Priced at $0.99, Razor: Salvation is worth every single cent.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderate

Who Is It For:Gamers and fans of first person shooters

What I Like:The intensiveness of the game

What I Don't Like:Later levels are rather repetitive

Final Statement:The first installment of many to come, expect more from this great series.by Crescent Moon Games

Read the Developer's Notes:
Defend your homeland. Save the world.

As commander of the dropship "Salvation", you are tasked with rescuing Earth's inhabitants and helping with the EDSF defence effort.

Razor Salvation is the first instalment in a series of games that will take the player along the story of the Xenos and why they have invaded our planet Earth.


DYNAMIC COVER-BASED AI -Enemies exhibit different strategies and duck in and out of cover. Dynamic objects can be blasted around the level and the enemy will continue to find cover behind them! Shoot the Xenos, protect the civilians! Or leave them alone and watch the infected eat them...

FIRST PERSON "BEACH HEAD" DEFENCE - Use the classic FPS weapons like grenade launcher, rocket launcher and railgun. Access to awesome specials like the Redeemer!

IPAD 3 RETINA - Full 2048 x 1536 resolution real-time 3D graphics.

CONSOLE GRADE GRAPHICS - Specular bump mapped textures and full-screen pixel effects for all devices down to iPhone 3GS.

PLAYER CREATED FACTIONS - Create your own factions with friends and fight together to be the top performing Faction in the world!

FIGHT FOR YOUR REGION - Help your world region to the top of the rankings!

UNIQUE LEADERBOARD TITLES - Be the best shooter or savior and show off with the ability to be at the top!

IOS FEATURES - GameCenter leaderboards and full iCloud sync.

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