Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour Review – Drivers, start your engines!

On May 3, 2012

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Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour Review – Drivers, start your engines!

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By: Red Bull & Kempt Ltd

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2012-04-13

Developer: Red Bull Media House

Price: Free

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Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour, a very long name for a game. But a good one, reminds me of the good old online flash games of the past. Extremely addictive, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is one of those games that will leave your battery completely drained without you even noticing.

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour comes in two modes for players to choose from. A classic World Tour mode with its campaign system, as well as a challenge mode where up to 6 players can pit their skills against one another on the same device by taking turns.

As far as controls go, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour lets players choose from two different systems to play their game. An old school arrow system may suit some players, but others might find using the accelerometer to steer their karts much more exciting.

In terms of content, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour comes with one set of maps for players to race on. However, as per the game title suggests, players are competing in a world tour series, and so other levels are available for downloading in-app. Expansion levels are free for download to sync onto your device.

Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour gameplay is simplistic, where players navigate their karts across the race tracks within the shortest time possible. However, one exciting feature would be that power ups are scattered across the track. These provide a quick boost to your kart, allowing for short bursts of added speed to either overtake your nearest opponent or widen up your lead. While the graphics are nothing to swoon over, they still do the job well.

For a free app, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is one app that is highly recommended to download. For a free app, it can easily rival the dozens of paid apps out there and promises hours of fun.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Easy. Both sets of controls are easy to handle.

Who Is It For:Fans of go-karting games.

What I Like:The simplicity and addictiveness of the game.

What I Don't Like:Limited customization variety.

Final Statement:Ready, set, go!

Read the Developer's Notes:
“Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is a very addictive app with a lot of gaming time and is definitely recommended” - 148 Apps

"A must for all Kart Racing enthusiasts" –

Take on tracks around the globe in Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour. Can you win in every country?

Kart Fighter returns with new controls, speed boosts, over twice as many tracks, Game Center achievements and a whole lot more spectacular racing.

World Tour Mode:
Can you collect a 1st place in every country? Earn game credits to unlock upgrades and drive to beat each achievement.

Challenge Mode:
Compete against your friends on the same device. Take it in turn to set a hot lap and race each other’s ghosts.

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