Regular Show – Nightmare-athon – Review

On January 17, 2012

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Regular Show – Nightmare-athon – Review

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By: Cartoon Network

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2011-11-09

Developer: Cartoon Network

Price: 0.99

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Cartoon Network (owned by TBS) is taking a page from Adult Swim by releasing games based on their television properties. Granted, the games are a little more cartoon-ish and a little less violent, but the theory is the same. The main characters are a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby. You can learn more about Regular Show here.

The premise of the game is fairly simple. You must save a theatrical audience from being devoured by the undead. You can tilt the screen to move the characters around and tap it to throw weapons. It fits into the spirit of  Regular Show, although Mordecai and Rigby usually try to avoid work.

The game is fairly simplistic and despite its morbid theme children might have a penchant for it (the zombies are so darn cute). However, if even one zombie gets through, the audience runs away and the game is over.

The toughest part is when you clobber a zombie and he drops something. If you can tap it correctly within a given time frame, Rigby runs around hitting the zombies with a staff. It’s “Shaun of the Dead” with farm animals.

Even the settings of the game are simplistic. You can turn the sound on and off and you can calibrate the device. The game works with Game Center so you can share results.

Overall it’s a cute game, particularly since it can be played on both the iPhone and iPad. It’s worth the buck if you’re a fan of Regular Show.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Quite possibly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those that like cartoons, zombies and cartoon zombies.

What I Like:Cute concept. Good execution.

What I Don't Like:Game play can get a bit redundant.

Final Statement:Welcome to your Nightmare-AThon from Cartoon Network.

Read the Developer's Notes:
The Nightmare-athon has begun! Real zombies are attacking a screening of Zombocalypse 3D! Only Mordecai, Rigby and a bunch of old sports equipment stand in their way. Fight for survival against an army of the undead!

• Decapitate the undead with Mordecai’s discus!
• Slice and dice zombies with Rigby’s javelin!
• Call in Skips to unleash a golf cart rampage!
What's new

• Performance Modifications

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