Repulze Review – A race in the future

On January 23, 2013

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Repulze Review – A race in the future

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By: Pixelbite

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-01-13

Developer: Repulze Support

Price: 0.99

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Repulze for iOS is somewhat an intergalactic hovercraft race pretty much like the playstation hit WipeOut.

There is not much of a story line here; just get your shuttle and hit those pedals. Oops! Actually its auto-accelerate, so steering is pretty much all you do here. Take it from a man who has been there and done that; its hard, really hard! Use tap right or left to dash through the twists & turns and finish the laps first.

Unlike other racing games, this one doesn’t give it all to the no-hits theory. Your ride has a boost with polarities alternating between green and red. Keep track of the polarity and ride only through the corresponding grids and skip others. Pass through the opposite grid and its like you pulled your handbrake. Three correct polarities adds a boost (max of three) and a tap would activate it. They take you faster than ever till your surroundings starts blurring. Look out for protruding walls of tunnels to avoid crash or you’ll lose precious time. Take minimum hits, pass through correct polarities & avoid others and you’ll do great.

The animations are the best and so is the techno background score. A time-reversal effect is called in whenever you crash and its breath-taking. Controls seemed too sensitive but the option to configure it does a great job. There are 9 track to unlock and 6 crafts to try out. With jaw dropping graphics and huge flexibility, it should be a great buy for hardcore race fans.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Not until new tracks are available

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Racing game fans

What I Like:The animations are spectacular

What I Don't Like:Controls are too sensitive

Final Statement:3, 2, 1 , Go!

Read the Developer's Notes:

Get ready for one of the fastest racing experiences ever from the developers of the Reckless Racing series.

This futuristic racing game puts you in the seat of experimental Repulze hovercrafts working as a test pilot for the Man. Well, the Synthetic Man is more accurate. The Synthetics run the corporations. The corporations run the world. You are way down the food chain getting pushed around to complete their “scientific” challenges. But you’ll show ‘em…

• Super-fluid racing action with stunning graphics
• Quick-to-learn touch and tilt controls but challenging to master
• Game Center leaderboards and achievements

Phase #1 : Re-boot Camp (OUT NOW!)
Push all boundaries to find the optimal use of the Repulze engine. Go as fast as humanly possible. Then go even faster. Don't even dare to blink!
• Nine gravity defying tracks
• Six hypersonic Repulze hovercrafts

Phase #2 : Break & Desist (Coming in first content patch!)
Laws are made to be broken. Physics are there to restrict you. Break free!

Phase #3 : Lash Back (Coming Q1 2013)

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