Reuters Review – For The News Purist

On March 25, 2013

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Reuters Review – For The News Purist

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By: Thomson Reuters

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2013-03-20

Developer: Thomson Reuters

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Nowadays, too many “news” organizations inject a few too many opinions within their news broadcast.  The worst offenders in this regard are MSNBC and Fox News.  If you just want to learn what’s going on and not be told what to think about it, then Reuters’ app for the iPhone and iPad might be more your speed.

For those unaware, Thomson Reuters is a 160+ year old British news organization (although their reporting is worldwide) and they have a strict policy of objective language in all its news.  In fact, other news organizations actually pay Reuters for the use of their articles.

The first thing that struck me about the Reuters app is the lack of ads.  The second was the simple interface that did not remind me of a magazine but rather of an actual news reader.  I miss this in apps like CNN.

The app is extremely simple to use with the most instinctive of interfaces.  Tapping an icon in the lower left brings out the menu for news sections and you can tap one of them to go to that section.  There is also a search icon on the upper left for searching the news for particular keywords.  It’s possible to bookmark stories for later perusal and even create a watchlist for stocks.  One of my favorite features is an offline mode which downloads the news stories to your device whenever your connected in order to read them when the Internet is unavailable.

In short, if you’re a news purist who craves reliability over flash, then this app should be on your iPhone or iPad.  Also, it’s free.


Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Almost certainly.

Learning Curve:Low to none.

Who Is It For:News purists.

What I Like:Simple interface. Good features.

What I Don't Like:Nothing I can find.

Final Statement:One of my few five star reviews. Recommended.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Reuters' iOS app brings you the latest reporting and market data from the world's most trusted news organization.
What's new

• Refined search behavior
• Various bug fixes

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