Review – Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery

On November 19, 2008

I loved my first generation iPhone but wished it had 3G. I love the high speed data of my iPhone 3G but wish it had the battery life of my first iPhone. Ah yes, you can’t have it all.

Thanks to accessories like the Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery, though, you can get darn close!

I previously had a chance to review RichardSolo’s original 1200 mAh iPhone backup battery. It is a simple to carry, simple to use, solution to get more life out of your power-hungry iPhone. The RS1800 is its big older brother and the difference is huge! The battery is too!

Like their prior offerings, the RS1800 plugs into the dock connector of the iPhone.


Almost the size of the iPhone itself, the two together make for one large, bulky cumbersome unit. You certainly would not want to type on the iPhone while the battery is attached and making a phone call would be advisable only while using a handsfree headphone. It is an awkward combination but the amount of added battery time makes it worthwhile.

One of my biggest concerns with a setup like this is that by connecting to the bottom as it does the battery will put excessive force on the dock connector and damage it To prevent this RichardSolo includes  a clear plastic connector that strengthens the joint and makes damage unlikely. (Thoughtfully, in fact, they include two so that you can still use the device when (not if, when) you lose it.) 

The cost of all this awkwardness may be great but the payoff is even greater– the RS1800 more than doubles the run-time of the iPhone 3G. In the week I have had it it has already bailed me out twice!

In addition to the two joint support connectors, the battery includes a number of additional accessories and features. It ships with a retractable mini-USB/USB cable and both a wall and a car plug that includes an addition USB port for charging an additional device at the same time. This is a VERY well-considered package.

Finally, the RS1800 adds two unnecessary, but nice, additional features- a laser pointer and an LED flashlight. When I  first saw this I thought to myself- "Why??" I have since used both on a number of occasions and no longer ask the question!




The RS1800 is a solid, well considered, well-built external battery. For all its downside due to bulk it more than compensates in features and price. I love it and don’t leave my house without it now.

What I Like:
Adds tons of additional use time
Very well designed
Has already come in very handy!

What I Don’t:
Hard to use iPhone while connected
iPhone does not sync with battery attached

The RS1800 retails for a reasonable $69.95 and is available directly from the RichardSolo web site.