Right Right Wrong for iPhone Review

On April 12, 2012

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Right Right Wrong for iPhone Review

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Most trivia games require you to give the correct answers to a series of questions. But not Right Right Wrong! That’s because Right Right Wrong, a new trivia game for iPhone, is not like most trivia games. Rather than asking you to provide the proper responses, Right Right Wrong! urges you to come up with the wrong one. This adds a new twist and a great deal of challenge to the tried-and-tested formula of trivia games.

A game session of Right Right Wrong! is limited to 90 seconds, and the number of trivia questions you get will depend on how well your perform within that short period. Actually, the trivia questions aren’t questions so much as categories, with each category accompanied by three different items. Your main objective is to single out the item that does not belong in the group, that is, the item that does not relate to the given category. It’s like Odd One Out, but with trivia.

For example, under the category Harry Potter Characters, the following choices are given: Sheik Ilderim, Molly Weasley, and Cornelius Fudge. If you’ve read the books or seen the movies, you’ll know that there’s neither a page nor a scene that mentions Sheik Ilderim. So, you tap and submit that “wrong” answer in order to be “right.” Right Right Wrong! covers a wide range of categories, from School Supplies to Planets to Onomatopoeias. It even has a self-referential category. I once encountered the category Right Right Wrong Game and had to determine the wrong item among SUM Interactive, Chronomancer Music, and Made In China. SUM Interactive is the developer of the game, Chronomancer Music refers to the composer of the game’s electropop soundtrack (which is available for purchase on iTunes), and Made In China the game is not, since the game was made in Mountain View, CA. Hence, I tapped the last choice and rightly earned bonus points.

When you tap an item that is actually related to the given category, you will be notified with a blaring red “WRONG!” You will be given two more chances to choose the odd one out, but you run the risk of losing portions of your cache of time as well as valuable points. You get the most points if you identify the item that doesn’t belong on your first try, and you acquire more bonus points as you continue on a winning streak. You can also unlock a variety of achievements as you play, since the game is integrated with Game Center.

Right Right Wrong! is certainly not your typical trivia game. You may need some time to adapt to the reversal in gameplay, but once you do, being right by actually being wrong will be a blast. Try the game now by downloading the ad-supported version in the App Store for free, or purchase the ad-free version for $0.99.

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