Risk Review – The classic, in your iPhone

On October 25, 2012

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Risk Review – The classic, in your iPhone

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By: Electronic Arts

Version #: 1.5.88

Date Released: 2011-03-25

Developer: Electronic Arts

Price: 2.99

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Risk, the best-seller by Hasbro Games is available in iOS devices. But… how good it is?

I’d love to say that Risk for iPhone is great, awesome, the best I’ve ever seen. Sadly, I can’t for several reasons. The first is that the game feels needlessly slow. Not only caused by the long loading screens, but also because of needless animations, and wait in between turns.

This is the first bad sign for a Risk port: it should be dynamic, fast paced. A pick and play game for waiting in line or sitting in the toilet. But it is not. And I miss secret missions, those special commands (conquer Western Europe to win, control South America for 3 turns…) that made the original Risk an ever-changing game. At least you can choose between progressive and fixed sets of cards, which make endgame playing much more fun.

Don’t get me wrong: Risk for iPhone will keep you quite entertained, with its range of achievements and medals, and if you happen to have friends with it, will enjoy a lot with the multiplayer option. But that’s it, for now you don’t get anything else. It may be enough for some players, but I’m kind of picky.

In short: Even if Hasbro’s Risk for iPhone (developed by Electronic Arts) is a good game, it misses some of the special charm that the original board game had. And it should not, what is missing is too easy to add.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Maybe

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Risk lovers

What I Like:The original Risk in mobile...

What I Don't Like:But it is not the original. Misses some things

Final Statement:A decent mobile Risk

Read the Developer's Notes:
THE REAL RISK EXPERIENCE! Now on iPhone & iPod touch, pursue world domination with THE ORIGINAL game of strategic conquest. Mobilize against relentless computer-driven enemies or challenge up to 6 real-world multiplayer opponents. Play the game that has fired dreams of global conquest for generations!

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