Rivet TREK Clip System Review

On January 7, 2009

After using many different cases over the years for various cell phones I’ve owned, the one thing I can always count on if I use a plastic clip to secure my phone, is that it WILL break off eventually.  No matter how its designed, I’m notorious for getting the clip caught on my cars seatbelt or seat as I exit the car and always rip the thing in half.

Well, those days are over. The Rivet Trek is made out of stainless steel and solves my problem.  In addition, it provides a variety of mounting options, which makes it the most versatile solution I have found.


The included items in the package are a Fixed Pin (attaches to your phone permanently), an E-Clip (the unit that attaches to the Fixed Pin and the various Plates), a Hook Plate (used to clip the E-Clip to your belt loop, bag, or backpack), a Dash Plate (which can be mounted on your cars dash), and an alcohol wipe.

The Rivet system is a swivel clip system. That means that the iPhone is freely hanging and there is no ratcheting at all.  I like this approach, since my phone will naturally adjust itself through gravity as I change my position from standing to sitting, etc.  In addition, I appreciate the low profile that it offers, since it doesn’t protrude as much as a clip system would and Rivet even did a nice job of allowing me to fold the clip flat against the phone and minimize the protrusion.

The Rivet system uses a permanently attached fixed pin that you secure to the back of your phone.  This pin can be attached to the included E-Clip.  That is accomplished by sliding it in through the top, and removing it from the bottom by pressing a side button.

Since the E-Clip is separated from the Plates, you have the option of either combining it with the Hook Plate or the Dash Plate (depending on if you want to hang it on your bag or pants, or mount it to the dash).  You can change which option to attach to the E-Clip fairly easily by depressing 2 small side buttons on the E-Clip and snapping the Plates on as you choose.


All of these parts are made from the same hard stainless steel as the Fixed Pin. These are quality parts, which seem like they will last a lifetime. Rivet also provides a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material or workmanship, so I feel like this is going to last me a much longer time than the plastic clips I’m so used to breaking.

One last thing, I didn’t want to secure the Fixed Pin directly to my iPhone, so I instead opted to connect it to a case.  If your going to do so with a leather case, the included adhesive won’t work, you’ll need to use some super glue or something made for leather.  But if you plan on securing it directly, the adhesive that’s included is more than adequate.


  • Strong Stainless Steel
  • Sleek Look
  • Versatile with multiple mounting options
  • Quick Release Mechanism
  • Easy to Use


  • Included Adhesive doesn’t connect to leather well

You can purchase the Rivet Trek system at the Rivet website.