SayHi Translate – Review – The future is here

On May 3, 2012

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SayHi Translate – Review – The future is here

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By: SayHi

Version #: 1.7.1

Date Released: 2011-06-28

Developer: SayHi

Price: 0.99

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SayHi is one of those apps that should be mandatory to own. I only wish I got in sometime last year when it was offered for free.

The use of the app could not be simpler. You choose between one of the 23 languages stored in the app on each side of the conversation. You tap either the large green or blue button on the bottom, speak into the microphone in that language, and the app translates to the other. I had a great deal of fun translating from American English to British English.

If you live in any multicultural hub, this app could be nothing but useful. Imagine speaking with a proprietor of an establishment that doesn’t know your native language very well. Simply whip out your iPhone, pick your two languages and start talking. The app both speaks the other language back and puts the text on the screen. The text of conversations can also be saved, e-mailed, tweeted or put on Facebook.

Since I didn’t have the opportunity to work with someone who spoke a different language, I cannot speak of the accuracy of any language other than English. It is necessary to enunciate your words for the translation to work properly and also keep your device’s volume set up high. Also, keep in mind that to make up for the low size of the app, the translation actually takes place on remote servers so a WiFi or data connection is necessary to make it work.

The app comes with a simple Settings menu and Introduction. No real bells and whistles. Honestly, it doesn’t need them. I cannot recommend this app enough and based on the low price and incredible utility of it, it earns five stars from me.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Unquestionably.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those who travel and need a translator.

What I Like:Low price. Easy to use.

What I Don't Like:Requires a WiFi or data connection.

Final Statement:SayHi will make you stay high (okay, bad pun. It's still a great app).

Read the Developer's Notes:
??? Get the Best Translation App ???
? Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" ?

??? #1 Business App in the App Store ???

*** Featured App by Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TUAW ***

"This is the freakin' universal translator." -
"SayHi Translate is impressively accurate." -
"I give this app 5 stars." - AppSlappy Podcast

??? Super Accurate Speech Recognition ???

? 34 Languages & Dialects ?

24 Languages & Dialects with Speech Recognition:
? English (United States)
? English (United Kingdom)
? English (Australia)
? Spanish (Spain)
? Spanish (United States)
? Spanish (Mexico)
? French (France)
? French (Canada)
? German
? Italian
? Japanese
? Mandarin (China)
? Mandarin (Taiwan)
? Cantonese
? Korean
? Dutch
? Norwegian
? Swedish
? Danish
? Portuguese (Portugal)
? Portuguese (Brazil)
? Polish
? Russian

10 Languages with Voices:
? Arabic
? Bahasa (Indonesia)
? Basque
? Catalan
? Finnish
? Greek
? Hindi
? Hungarian
? Slovak
? Thai
? Turkish

Put an interpreter in your pocket. ????

Learn a new Language

? Perfect for Travel ?
???? Great for Business ????

? We protect your information ?

Who Uses SayHi Translate?
? Students
? Travelers
? Home office
? Corporations
? Entrepreneurs
? Contractors
? Doctors
? Lawyers
? Bankers
? Teachers
? Retailers
? Social workers
? Government agencies
? Hospitals
? And many more!

*** Internet connection required ***
What's new

- Facebook and other new sharing features!

- New languages with voices (no speech recognition yet)

? Arabic
? Bahasa (Indonesia)
? Basque
? Catalan
? Finnish
? Greek
? Hindi
? Hungarian
? Slovak
? Thai
? Turkish

- Keyboard enabled for all languages

- Low volume warning

- Other improvements

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