SCORE App Review – Free Dating Matchmaker For Singles

On January 8, 2015

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SCORE App Review – Free Dating Matchmaker For Singles

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By: Apptigo

Version #: 2.9.3

Date Released: 2014-12-18

Developer: Apptigo

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Thanks to Tinder, flocks of dating apps are rushing to the App Store each month. However, most of these are exact clones and we haven’t seen any app that adds to the experience or takes a new angle on app dating. That is where SCORE – Free Dating Matchmaker For Singles just makes sense.

Instead of randomly popping stranger’s pics to your face and asking you to approve or dismiss them, SCORE matches you guys first, similar to what online matchmaker websites have been doing. We all now how pathetic and common it is to find people who swipe right on all pics and how easily that can expose your personal info. In SCORE dating app, we take a short personality quiz and are introduced to dates only if both have similar interests.

Let me explain.


Sign up with your Facebook account, upload three pics of yours, enter in some basic info and you’re good to get started. Based on your location and interests, you’ll get a long list of partners to SCORE with. Their actual names are hidden and pics are blurred initially; but their interests, some basic info and likes are public. Go through them and find the ones who match your style.

SCORE takes privacy seriously and hence, things aren’t as easy to get connected with the partner after this. Tap on the Lets Score button and you’re taken to new screen of about 20 unique categories of interests, including travel preferences, dreams and desires, life philosophy and feelings, Either-or type interests, must have possessions and single answer type questions, just to mention a few. Choose the domain where you’d like to know more your pair, or select to enter a random mode.

Now you get a set of 5 questions with three options each, and you’ve to answer them according to your personality and mindset. This is where I like SCORE dating app the most. You’ll never find old school boring questions like “Your favorite song is…” on SCORE. Instead, you have interesting and intriguing queries like the ones shown below, which really appeal to your own unique personality, rather than apply as a general rule to all.


Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, it is send to the other person as a request, and it’s their turn. They take the same quiz and SCORE intelligently matches both your responses and if you are found to be a good match, opens up whole new features. You can now see their profile picture and name. Take repeated tests with matched users to know more about them and this opens up still more features like more pictures and finally, the chat feature.

Using SCORE is easy and it focuses more on meaningful and long-lasting matches rather than explosive few chats. This is best for privacy minded people who don’t want to reveal too much info right at first. So if you’re being annoyed by dozens of useless Tinder matches or are new to this whole app-dating thing,  SCORE – Free Dating Matchmaker For Singles would be your best step forward.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Sure.

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Single users looking for something serious.

What I Like:The stress on privacy.

What I Don't Like:None.

Final Statement:A dating app that makes sense.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Meet Score, the ultimate game of compatibility.

• Score allows people to see how their personalities match through answering entertaining & engaging queries

• Score is personality-based and can be played in a multitude of ways

• People can play as anonymously as they like, privacy is easy in Score

• Score is a 24/7 Dating Concierge

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