Scribular – Review

On September 7, 2008

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Scribular – Review

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By: Kartik Hansen

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-09


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Most of the location-using social networking apps have left me feeling a little… unsocial. Many are gimmicky, buggy and down right pointless. Scribular is gimmicky and pointless but it is FUN and I am enjoying playing around with it.

The point of Scribular is to leave notes at specific locations for others to find and respond and to existing notes and create your own “Note Drop”.

The first time you start Scribular it asks to use your location feature. It then locates you within 300 meters and shows you what notes have been left nearby. It tells you-
-The location’s name (as set by the person leaving the note)
-The distance form your current location
-The number of notes left at that location

Tapping on the location opens up the “Read and Leave Notes” page. There you can-
-Read the notes that have been left
-Add a note
-Location the note Drop on the map

You can also check out the latest Scribs (and add new ones) and search for locations from the Scribular website.

It should be noted that once a note is left it cannot be edited- even by the author- so write with care!!! (And hey- keep it clean and nice!)

I can already see that Scribular could be a whole lot of fun. As with all social networking, the more people use it the better it will will be (unless it is too many people and crashes the system ala Twitter!). Right now the user-base is small but hopefully it will grow quickly. The more users… the more fun!

A few things we would love to see added or changed.

–We would love to see the mapping feature allow and zooming.

–We would love for the app to note whether a new Scribble was left via the iPhone or the web since iPhone Scribbles will be somewhat local while web scribble could be from anywhere.

–We would love to see the ability to see more than a page worth of scribbles and to determine the distance within which we want to see notes.Right now I can see the note I left and one from over 20 miles away. It appears that the iPhone app will show you one page worth of note drops starting closest and moving further away until it reaches one pag of notes

-It would be great if the author could choose to be notified of new scribbles left at a note drop he/she created.

The WOiP/Scribular Challenge. We left a note… See how easy it is to find it and leave one of your own. Include the day, time and your location so we can see how many notes we can collect and from where in the next seven days!

Quick Take

Value: High. This is free and Fun!
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Anyone
What I like: Neat idea. Unusual use of social networking and the iPhone’s location feature
What I Don’t: Only one page of scribbles, author cannot delete a note once it is left . No way to know if a scribble was left via the iphone or the web unless the author tells you.

Final Statement: I like this concept a whole lot and can’t wait to see how it develops!  



Read the Developer's Notes:
Scribular is an easy and fun way to share and explore the world around you. With Scribular, you can leave virtual notes at your current location, and you can see what others have written about where you are.

Scribular is an iPhone app and a web site: When you're at your computer, head over to to easily respond to, edit, or delete notes, and to keep your finger on the pulse of the Scribular universe.O U R   T A K E . . .

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