Selloby for Android Review

On July 22, 2011

App Type: Android

Selloby for Android Review

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By: Parcsis

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In this time of make do and mend, what could be better than a neighborgoods for used stuff you want to buy, exchange or sell? Well, that’s what the guys at Selloby must have been thinking as well when they came up with this local classified adds app.

Just fill out your location and whatever it is you want to buy or sell and you’re on your way! The app is easy to use, very quick and best of all: it’s free! So if you’re looking to sell your car, now that gas prices are skyrocketing, or your house, or rent somewhere, after you’ve sold your house, or find someone to share yur house via their dating service, Selloby is the easy place to go to.
You can login via your Facebook or Twitter account, which makes it even easier to use. You can write your app in a twitter style, 300 letter max and you can even use hash tags and add pics from your library.

All in all, this app is what eBay should have done, had they not had their noses up their asses counting their money (if that’s even possible. Don’t think so actually) so I’m guessing it’ll be a mere matter of time before the boys at eBay start making overtures to the guys at Selloby. Lucky b*[email protected]!

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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