ShoppingList for iPhone and iPad Review

On January 1, 2011

App Type: iPhone

ShoppingList for iPhone and iPad Review

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By: Werner Freytag

Version #: 2.7.3

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Developer: By Werner Freytag

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The new year is upon us and many people will make new year resolutions to be more organized. This can be a daunting task if you are not equipped with tool to help you organize and stay focused. A ToDo list app is a great way to keep on top of your daily tasks, and the iOS app store has no lack of task managing apps of every shape and size. Today we look at a list making app that has built up a strong following. Shopping List by Werner Feytag is a multi-list ToDo app that has several strong features without being too complicated. With so many different needs with it comes to task management, it can be very hard to please your users and developers can find themselves trying to solve too many problems in one app, which ends up turning their sleek creation into a bulky barge of features.

Shopping List does a decent job of avoiding this pitfall. Shopping List allows you to create multiple lists of items that can be arranged and checked off as needed. Each list can have a picture attached to it to help you locate the list you want. The interface itself has a fair amount of customization with a font size slider and two backgrounds to choose from. You can also auto sort by name, or sort the items manually. One part of the interface which was disappointing was the lack of landscape support. The app must be used in portrait mode. All other buttons are clear and easier to use. I found it fast to create lists and to populate them with items.

The item adding screen has many options that seem geared for the app’s name sake; shopping lists. There is a category option as well as options for amount and price. The app will calculate the total for each item based on the price of each unit. The app has support for irregular units like bunches and bottles. The input screen also has a long list of common shopping items and will bring recently used items to the top so inputting shopping lists later on becomes easier each time you use it. That may all sound great, but what if you need to pass your shopping list along to a friend, or family member. Well Shopping List has the ability to export any list via email, or by bluetooth to any iPhone that also has the Shopping List app.

Shopping List seems to be more of a vertical list app that could certainly be used for other kinds of lists, but seems to be built around making shopping lists. If you find yourself making shopping lists and in need of a tool that has that in mind, Shopping List is a great tool. For those that need a more general use task management app, I might suggest looking to some of the other great list apps that the App Store has to offer. Shopping List is available for $.99 on the App Store.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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