Sing2Learn Review – The most natural way to learn English for foreigners

On September 12, 2014

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Sing2Learn Review – The most natural way to learn English for foreigners

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Date Released: 2014-05-28

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Learning English ain’t (ain’t? What’s that?) easy when you are not native. Not news, isn’t it? Well, if you are native Sing2Learn is probably not for you. But if you are a native Spanish speaker (for instance) looking to learn English in a straightforward way, Sing2Learn quite likely is for you.

Sing2Learn is based on one of the best ways to learn English (or any other language) for foreigners: learning and translating songs. When I was younger I learnt (more precisely, I improved my vocabulary and grammar ability a lot) Spanish just like this: listening to music, trying to figure out what the song was about and then translate it properly.

Songs are great for this: once you know the song well enough, you can re-listen to it and practice, practice, practice. No matter where: running, on your commute, whatever. Sing2Learn offers you a set of free songs for you to try it, and a monthly or yearly subscription to get access to all songs. Missing a song you’d like? Don’t worry and just ask for it! The translating team will work on it! Missing a language you’d like to learn (or your local language)? No problem! Ask for it! So far the app supports English, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Punjabi, Malay, Filipino and Spanish. Try saying the names of all these languages without pauses!

To get new translated songs, a minimum of 10 votes is needed. So, make sure to check the voting list before submitting your song, it is better to make sure you are voting for it!

Sing2Learn also quizzes you on your knowledge of the song translation, both in written form and recording your speaking. You can check your pronunciation, check common phrases in a phrasebook, built-in dictionary with definitions in your language… And also includes The Phrase Factory – Learn a Phrase Book in Song. Probably one of the most fun and worthy language apps I’ve checked.

In Song Learn mode (which is more or less the main mode you’ll be when learning) you’ll listen to the song while closed captions in English and your target language play along. Easy to do in your commute as long as you are not driving 😀 Song quizzes require you to either record you or write, nothing complicated.

Since I only speak English and Spanish (and I know some natives of Spanish), I can only attest the Spanish translations seem top notch: to me they looked perfect, and when I ran them with my native friends they told me they were impressed by how well they were translated.

Also, Sing2Learn is available both in iOS and Android. No excuse if you prefer your learning in an Android device instead!

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Would I Buy Again:Likely

Learning Curve:Very low

Who Is It For:People learning English as a foreign language

What I Like:It's the way I learnt Spanish, so I see a lot of value in it

What I Don't Like:I'd like to learn foreign languages like this!

Final Statement:Good app for foreign English learners

Read the Developer's Notes:
Learn English with Sing2learn designed in collaboration with TEFL Certified Teachers. Learning a language is 90% memory recall. Remember songs from your childhood? Recent studies at Edinburgh University proves that learning songs is the best method to memorize English words & phrases. Lyrics are subtitled into several languages with 90% accuracy. Specific memory aids will have you commit 300 words and phrases to Long Term Memory in 1 hour. It’s already a popular teaching method adopted by schools; why not Turn Pro and accelerate your learning to the next level.

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