Ski Park HD Review – Create Your Own Mountain Resort

On September 2, 2013

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Ski Park HD Review – Create Your Own Mountain Resort

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By: RagCat Games

Version #: 1.25.3

Date Released: 2013-08-07

Developer: Ski Park HD: Create Your Own Mountain Resort Support

Price: Free

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The Empire-building genre is home to countless games including huge hits like Clash of Clans and The Simpsons. Ski Park is the latest addition to the group and manages to set itself apart. Lets see how.

Ski Park brings together two completely different gameplays. On one end, it is an awesome City builder game where you have to manage the mountain resort and turn it into a prime tourist attraction. On the other hand, it gives a great hidden-objects game experience as new secret characters, guests and items can be dug up to heap points.

Unlike other similar games, we donot start here from ground zero. Instead you already have the resort set up and you just need to add new stuff and upgrade existing ones to make it the most popular park ever. And that means, you directly jump into the good part without wasting days to get started.

Build, maintain and upgrade Motels, Chalets, Cottages, Tree-houses and Castles. Pull in tourists, charge increased rates and collect reveue. Invest further and so on, till you become the master of a Zero-degree empire. Build a complete town with Post office, Police station, Hospitals, Banks, Schools etc and make it energy efficient with Solar panels, Biogas plants, GeoThermal units, Wind mills and turbines. Show off a little with trees, globes, fountains, parks and statues or even by building a Taj Mahal, Empire State Building or Sydney Opera House!

As time passes, you’re awarded coins as well as some items like scarves, ties, aprons, knives etc and can be exchanged for new characters like Chefs, maids and receptionists. These expert workers can in turn unlock new and exciting segments or buildings. This makes Ski Park unpredictable and helps keep things dynamic.

As you proceed, you climb up in levels and gain more coins. Some unlockeables and speeding up time require paid Snowflakes but in no way blocks the progress of the game. What a relief! As money starts flowing, you can rent more land, call friends to take a look and compare with users worldwide.

In short, Ski Park is just like any other popular game in the genre but with its own unique themes and twists. It is addictive enough to keep your hands full for months and for free, this game has nothing much to complain about.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Empire building genre lovers

What I Like:The addiction

What I Don't Like:None

Final Statement:A unique title in the familiar genre

Read the Developer's Notes:
iPhone version is now available too!
Get the game which combines two popular genres: city builder and hidden objects!
Build a popular and extraordinary ski resort! Create beautiful buildings and turn the natural wonders into a real mountain paradise. Detect all mysterious visitors hidden in the city, to be rewarded with great prizes!

Tourists will begin to arrive as soon as you start the ski lift, and the cozy chalets and luxurious hotels you open will be buzzing with activity. Your resort will be very fashionable!
You can build unique entertainment centers or organize theme park shows, all taking place in places of natural beauty at thousands of feet above sea level! From time to time mysterious guests will appear in the city. Find all of them to get rare and useful rewards.

Download for free and play our extraordinary and entertaining game in the city builder genre. Create your own personal ski resort unlike any other!

- Great mixture of hidden objects and city builder genres.
- Impressive structures in the mountains’ surroundings, from the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building.
- Quick and interesting tasks help you get a feel for the game.
- A loyal helper will always give you hints about what to do next.
- All buildings can be upgraded.
- There is always something interesting going on at the resort and you will regularly receive new tasks.
- You can hold events in any commercial building to bring profit.

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