Skill Game Review – Title Says It All

On June 28, 2013

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Skill Game Review – Title Says It All

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By: Good Apps UG

Version #: 2.4

Date Released: 2012-11-20

Developer: Good Apps UG

Price: 2.99

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The title says it. You need skill to master this game.

Not your average brain teaser, Skill Game doesn’t just require you to think smart. You have to incorporate skill and dexterity into your game too which explains the skill name.

In this game, players are put through myriads of puzzles to solve, which basically requires one to connect the dots. Success in each addictive level nets the player points.

Joining dots have never been so difficult in my entire life.

To spice things up, the game offers a little incentive to spice things up by conjuring a self-admitting shady character who gives players a chance to gamble with their points. The shady character bets with players with regards to the next level where the player can choose to accept or decline. Should the player accept, winning the next level will earn bonus points. However, losing the level will lead to a penalty to be paid.

I must admit I raised an eyebrow when I first saw the game concept. I mean, joining dots seemed pretty cliche and childish to me. However, I was hooked and spent a couple of hours straight on the game.

So for $2.99, this gets my thumbs up.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Simple, joining the dots can't get that difficult... Or can it?

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The shady character is a real novel way to spice up the game

What I Don't Like:For a paid app, in-app purchases give a way too big advantage and playing the game without these side purchases puts one at a huge disadvantage

Final Statement:Are you accurate enough?

Read the Developer's Notes:
"I highly recommend Skill Game to anyone who likes puzzles." (
"This game is great, my best game!" (Customer review)

- first never-ending game
- adaptive difficulty
- requires skill and strategy
- over 4 million downloads

- unlimited number of randomly produced levels --> never-ending fun
- the level of difficulty adapts itself to your capabilities --> challenging but not impossible
- skill and strategy --> you must play accurate and clever
- an ingenious and unique game only for touchscreens --> you can start immediately
- exciting gambling with the shady character --> Will you accept his deal?
- Game Center integration --> Prove everyone how good you are!
- 41 exciting achievements --> Will you get them all?
- for one minute, or one hour --> a game for anytime, anywhere
- beautifully handcrafted graphics --> supports the high-resolution Retina Display
- one App, double the fun --> for iPhone and iPad

- "This game is truly a masterpiece I play this for hours and with new challenges every time."
- "Excellent idea! Good idea - very different from others!"
- "Amazing! Hard fun exciting challenging and anything else you can think of!"
- "I start off only wanting to play a couple rounds but then find myself not wanting to stop."
- "I'll play just one level... Okay one more... And another..."
- "I'm lovin' it. Never found a game like this before. really fun!!!!!"
- "Love this game!!! It's so addictive I cannot put my phone down :)"
- "Very simple but incredibly intelligent game."
- "Soooooooo addictive. Can't stop playing it!!"
- "This game is awesome!!!"
- "I found myself only playing one or two rounds at first and then once I got the hang of it, not wanting to put it down!!!! LOVE THIS GAME"
- "This will be the next addictive app"

...are clever?
...are looking for a new challenge?
...want to prove it to yourself?


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