Skin Doctor App Review – Your pocket dermatologist

On March 9, 2015

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Skin Doctor App Review – Your pocket dermatologist

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By: Healthcare Outreach

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2014-12-27

Developer: Healthcare Outreach

Price: 9.99

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Nowadays, Google searches and medical apps sometimes replace our regular doctor visits. We search our symptoms and find a diagnosis, with a little bit of information that can be taken off the web. As a medical student, I can vouch that unfortunately, this often does more harm than good.

Inexperienced, incomplete and sometimes exaggerated explanations plague medical apps and we often end up with an extremely rare or serious diagnosis, instead of the actual simple problem. It is high time that websites and apps get more practical, dynamic and updated, than sticking to just the theory given in medical books.

There are indeed a few apps which come directly from experts that are beyond these problems and as far as dermatology is concerned, Skin Doctor has to be the best.

Skin Doctor is a multi-faceted app.

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It has a large database of the most common skin conditions like acne, hair loss, eczema, diaper rash, sunburns and much more. Each disease palette has around four photos, medical explanation, symptoms, prevention and also the exact treatment.

I really like the approach here that instead of stuffing the app with thousands of rare skin diseases, it concentrates on the most likely ones.

Another tab called Products introduces you to the medicines used in treatment of these conditions. Each drug comes with a description of its ingredients, the mechanism of action and the directions for use. You can also order them directly with a link to their online store.

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Lastly, it has a unique feature of a Symptom Diary. You can take pictures of your skin condition regularly to check if it is improving and to keep a record of the evolution of the disease which might be helpful for your doctor to make a diagnosis later. The best thing is that the diary tab is password protected so that only you can access it.

In the end, with these three components on board, Skin Doctor seems to be a complete medical app. You can look up your skin disease, go though the treatment, find those medications in the drugs section and even order them.

Meanwhile, you can keep track of the disease progress in the diary so that you can consult an expert if desired results aren’t achieved in a few days.

So if you’re suffering from a skin condition which you think is a minor one and do not want to waste hundreds of dollars on an appointment with a dermatologist, Skin Doctor app can come in really handy.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Of course.

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Those with minor skin conditions.

What I Like:Concentrates more on common conditions.

What I Don't Like:The interface could be improved a little.

Final Statement:Best medical app for skin conditions.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Skin Doctor (" Mobile App") - a mobile application for IOS devices, that present reference material about common dermatological disorders. Content for each disorder will include: Name, Image, Description, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention. With localization for English, Spanish, and Mandarin, with a privacy feature to impede access to pin protected photo archive, and the ability to take and send pictures and comments as email attachments to clinician.

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