Slide Circus Review – Next generation Jigsaw

On November 22, 2012

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Slide Circus Review – Next generation Jigsaw

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By: FDG Mobile Games GbR

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-10-31

Developer: Slide Circus Support

Price: 0.99

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If apps were desserts, I would gladly skip the meal for this one. Slide Circus reminds that there is much more to a game than its play-time. It is a real treat, from the moment you tap the icon till you hit the home button.

As you might have guessed or have heard before, this is a slide-to-solve kind of puzzle game. First, you are shown the complete picture and is then cut into 30 mixed tiles and the sliding jigsaw begins. The distinguishing feature of this one, as claimed by the developers, is that whenever you slide a row or a column, it rotates back through the other side. This is in contrast to the normal sliding games where the sides are blocked and a tile is left free for others to move. Anytime, you can view the original image by tapping the remind button or use the reset button to start over. Strain your brain to perfectly re-place each piece to its original position and form the ball or boat or whatever it is.

To be honest, we have seen similar games in the past but what makes this game worth the buck is its unseen user interface and fluid animations. Each and every thing in the interface mimics the sliding algorithm and you can just keep on mixing the pages of menus or scores or even the In-App store. Various notifications appear as pull-out slates from the left border and they make you smile everytime they pop in.

The game is divided into 3 chapters of 30 levels each – little things, industrial revolution and animals; with a promise of ‘more levels soon’. The latter levels are unlocked as game progress or if you are too curious, gold coins can help (if you are a normal guy like me, the in-app purchases won’t be necessary). To wrap it up, the soothing experience of the interface and the simplicity of the game, makes it a great grab for your hard-earned 99 cents.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yup, till my screen wears off

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Anybody with appreciation for arts and puzzles

What I Like:The game-changing interface

What I Don't Like:In-App Purchases

Final Statement:Get it even if its your last buck.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Free your mind. Go beyond all borders.

Curtains up for an amazing new generation of sliding puzzles

'Fun 2D Rubiks Cube!
What a fun, elegantly written, addictive puzzle game'

'Everytime I want to quit I just can't help but continue to play.'

• Think outside the box

You instantly feel the difference the moment you touch it. Slide the tiles and move them beyond the border. They re-appear on the other side! This simple idea makes re-arranging the artworks so much more elegant and satisfying. Our team carefully put together over 90 beautiful puzzle artworks, which are a feast for the eye especially on Retina Display. Magical trick tiles like warper and stopper keep the game interesting and challenging.

• Create and Share

Create your own puzzles by importing custom images. Make use of amazing editing features like color filters and surface modification. Share any of your custom game boards with all your friends!

• Artificial Creation

Witness how your iPhone creates unlimited new puzzles by using an artistic procedural software plugin. It's pure magic!

• Enter the Arena

Join the "Slide Circus™" community to post and compare your scores via Game Center.


? Elegant Interface
? Deceivingly Simple Rules
? Unique Trap Tiles
? Beautiful Artworks
? Unlimited Levels
? Create and Share
? Original Soundtrack
? Game Center Achievements
? Game Center Leaderboards
? Free Updates

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