Slots™ – Titan’s Way Review – Wouldn’t recommend this for the minors

On September 27, 2013

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Slots™ – Titan’s Way Review – Wouldn’t recommend this for the minors

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Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2013-08-01

Developer: TOPGAME

Price: Free

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Play big to win big. That’s what all gamblers preach.

There isn’t much to elaborate on for this game. Slot machines a pretty self explanatory. Put your coin in and let the machine do the talking. If you win, you get a payout. If the slots don’t add up then too bad.

Slots – Titan’s Way adds a mythological Greek theme to their slot machines, which is very unnecessary in my opinion. While the developers might have seen this as a creative approach to separate them from competition, I felt that it was overly bombastic. For one the graphics were not very impressive. Not to say they weren’t well drawn, but for slot machines to have Poseidon and seaweed over them doesn’t seem quite appealing to me.

The different gods signifying each slot machine represents a different style of play. Each slot machine available for access has slightly different mechanics as the rest. However, I would have appreciated it a little more if more depth was placed in these supposedly godly themes.

The game zaps you off your coins quickly, and more coins can be purchased via in-app purchases. However, these do no come cheap and it is easy to see how you’d end up losing more than you would with real slot machines. Fret not though, for inactivity from the game results in more coins being regenerated as time goes on, albeit at a very slow rate.

I wouldn’t recommend this for the minors.

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Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:NA. Just pull

Who Is It For:Gamblers

What I Like:Slot machines with different attributes is rather special

What I Don't Like:The themes could have been better done

Final Statement:Keep this away from the children

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