SnapDance Review – Showing a lot of promise

On July 23, 2014

App Type: Game

SnapDance Review – Showing a lot of promise

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By: NeosCorp

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2014-06-09

Developer: NeosCorp

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SnapDance is a very innovative application available on iPhone (requires iOS 7, quite likely because it needs one of its newer devices with more powerful processor), and also works on iPads and iPod Touch. What does it do, you may ask? Right there, snap a picture and make it dance, baby! All in glorious 3D for your enjoyment

In SnapDance, you can take a picture of someone, a friend for instance (it can be anyone, as long as he agrees to pose for 4 shots… you definitely need to sneak on your boss with this, it was hilarious yesterday at my office) and make him look like the coolest breakdance dancer, ever (yeah, my boss, with his sober suit and tie).

What’s the catch? Well, it’s all 3D generated, your friend does not need to even know how to make a spin as long as he can stand up and quite for the pictures. Take a front shot of his face, take a back shot of his head and then a shot of him standing, front and back. In total, just 4 pictures and then ready to be breakin’ it! You don’t even need to shoot 3 friends: you can do with one, the other 2 dancers on stage can be just dummy coloured guys (red, green, blue or yellow, your pick.)


SnapDance shows a lot of potential there. The character creation is a breeze at just 4 pictures, and the final 3D model of your dancer is really impressive. The soundtrack is very good, too, specially if you like dance/techno like music (by the way, you can check the musician at his SoundCloud profile.) And the final 3D view is very good, with almost total liberty around the playing area. All in all, it is a very cool app, specially since it’s free (so, why not grab SnapDance already!?)

Of course, showing potential means there is still some room for improvement, ideas and cool stuff to add to an already cool app. For example, I’d love to be able to choose the moves my dancer is going to make, so picking a kind of playlist with duration of each move, would be awesome. Then we could use our own audio tracks from iTunes to get the chracters to dance to our own music (how cool would that be!? Getting your boss to dance YMCA’s moves?) I’d also like to be able to pick more female-looking dancers (since the coloured model dancers look quite male in shape, so when using female friend pictures they look a little… well, off.) Also, I’d prefer a universal app, since most of my friends carry their iPads more often (bad memory, they leave phones at home.)

So, all in all I can definitely recommend you give SnapDance a try (since it’s free, you lose nothing) and listen to its soundtrack over SoundCloud (which is also free for anyone). And to the developer I’d say “We want more cool things in the app!” Okay, time to take some pictures of my grandpa.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:It's free, so?

Learning Curve:Very low

Who Is It For:Anyone can enjoy it

What I Like:3D!

What I Don't Like:Want more stuff

Final Statement:Promising!

Read the Developer's Notes:
You will be hooked on SnapDance!!! Sooooo Cool!!! Sooooo Cute!!!
Ummm if anything, Sooooo Awesome!!!!!

Only take pictures of someone…then, he(or she) is able to transform to awesome realistic 3D charactor!!! He(or she) will show off break dance like of professional on the stage.
You take pictures of your friends and family, then LET'S BREAKIN' with everyone!!!!!

--- Feature ---

* Awesome realistic 3D charactor

You will not be able to belive that, you just take pictures. And will make realistic 3D character. Let's play by pictures of your sweetheart, friend, coworker, classmate and boss!!!

* Dance like of professional

This app was a faithful reproduction of professional dancers. You can dance bold move dance of longing [head spin, windmill, etc.] in this app.

* Camera work is freedom

It realized to use [MatrixEngine] of rich UI engine. You can move camera to freedom, then let's learn to look at dance.

* Share to best shot at SNS

You are able to share best shot of the dance to Facebook and Twitter. Let's boast cool shot of dance!!!

* Music of Profoolz SASA

He acted as Vo & Composer of first J Soul Brothers. [SASA] was produce BGM. He is also active as a solo or Profoolz while music provided to EXILE, DA PUMP etc. Let's experience the sound super cool!

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