Sneak Out! HD – An Office Escaping Game with Line Drawing for iPad Review

On May 31, 2011

App Type: iPad

Sneak Out! HD – An Office Escaping Game with Line Drawing for iPad Review

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By: 42games Limited

Version #: 2.0.1

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Developer: By 42games Limited

Price: $0.99

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Bored at work? Not allowed to escape for hours and hours? Here’s a great distraction! Sneak out! HD allows you to get out of the office, if only in your mind…

Basically, it’s like Pacman, but in an office setting, and the “guys” chasing you are your bosses. You can tap the smelly hotdog to blind them temporarily and gain a bit of an edge. Along the way you have to collect stars and then you can reach the next level.
To move back- and forward, you draw a line on the screen, and that’s where you go! As you clear a level, the pace gets higher and higher and there are more “enemies” to run from.

Sneak out! HD comes in two different game levels: classic and insane. The insane level is just that: manic. Now there’s two of you trying to escape, and as it’s a boy/girl couple, romance might be on the cards, if only you can escape from those pesky bosses!
If the bosses catch you, you get told off by a guy in a suit and sent back to your desk, which I thought was funnier than just dying. Though you could argue being sent back to your desk is in fact a fate worse than death…
Normally $1.99, but if you hurry you could catch the sale and snap it up for only $0.99.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars

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