Snoticles Review – Adult Swim’s version of Angry Birds

On December 22, 2011

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Snoticles Review – Adult Swim’s version of Angry Birds

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By: Adult Swim

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2011-12-21

Developer: Adult Swim

Price: 0.99

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Thanks to iOS and the App Store, the game Angry Birds has become such a cultural phenomenon that it has spawned variations, copycats and, yes, satires.  Snoticles could best be described as the latter.

Truthfully, game play is slightly different than Angry Birds.  Rather than knocking down structures you’re using physics to destroy hovering alien ink blots.  You have to destroy the leader ink blots which are surrounded by subordinates in “Break Out” style.  It’s Adult Swim, so silliness is expected.

The premise is somewhat confusing.  Apparently a group of aliens are defending Earth (or an Earth-like planet) from the aforementioned ink blots.  They have names like Spark (who is flame), Zit (who is, yes, a zit) and Snot (don’t ask).  If this wasn’t a video game, I’m sure it would be an Adult Swim cartoon.  Perhaps they could do a spin-off?

The game has clear and easy step-by-step directions to teach the rules of play.  The only settings available allow you to turn off the sound or reset the data.  The game is fairly simplistic in that regard which is probably for the best (after all, simple describes the Angry Birds crowd pretty concisely.  Sorry fans).

Like the cult game it emulates, it’s pretty addictive.  You start to enjoy watching the ink blots blow up.  All this said, the game is a little too much like Angry Birds for my tastes, but my tastes are unique and I think the general public would get a real kick out of this game.  Those that purchase get a universal (iPhone and iPad) game for a buck and it’s tough to go wrong with that.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Help the Snoticles defend their world from the rampaging Blots! Each of the four Snoticles -- Zit, Dread, Spark and Snot -- has a unique power to help you get the job done. Zit chucks rocks. Dread hurls backpack bombs. Spark shoots fireballs. And Snot? He lobs balls of phlegm. Master each Snoticle's individual ability and discover interesting ways to use them together. Conquer the game's unique puzzle mechanics as you explore dozens of levels across five separate worlds. Do a good job, and the Snoticles will surely thank you for their newfound Blot-free existence.

From Adult Swim Games, producers of "Robot Unicorn Attack" and "Major Mayhem".

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