SoundHound: You Hear It And Then You Get It

On October 13, 2010

App Type: Android

SoundHound: You Hear It And Then You Get It

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By: SoundHound

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How often have you been in an elevator, store, or even a club and heard a song you just love, but don’t know anything about? It is at such times that you want to scramble for a pen and paper and ask what is playing. With the SoundHound app, however, you need only give a sample and you get the info.

The SoundHound app can take an actual sample from a song playing in the area, or it can try to detect it from your singing or humming the tune as well. The app user simply taps the Tap Here button on the main screen and begins letting the device listen to the music, they can sing it themselves, or they can even just say what they think the title is. Once it identifies the song, it provides the user with an enormous range of details that include the artist, bio, related songs, and videos available. The app user can even opt to purchase a song for their library or simply take a look at the lyrics as well. Any identified tunes can also be shared through the app with such sites as Twitter, Facebook, email or text, WordPress, and much more.

There are other apps that help with identifying music, but only the SoundHound app is able to detect the song through humming and singing.

The app works with all Android devices.

The cost for the app is $4.99, and updates are free of charge.

Don’t ever let a great song slip through your fingers again. The SoundHound app is the ideal solution for music fans everywhere.

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