Space Monkey – Review

On October 9, 2008

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Space Monkey – Review

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By: Glu Games

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-10


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This is a unique idea for a game.  At first, I was worried that there wouldn’t be any difficulty in gameplay or continued interest as the game progressed, but it wasn’t long after, I realized the developer had put a lot of thought into creating this and the game stayed entertaining for longer than expected.

The basic premise for Space Monkey is to help the monkey pick up space junk by rotating his position to line up with the floating junk that is in his path.  Along the way, the game sends you various hazzards which you can avoid by rotating the monkey out of the way.  Batteries will shock your monkey and cause health damage, and you’ll need to line up the half eaten space donuts with your mouth to get some of that health back.  In addition, various objects can be grabbed by your hands and feet and you can earn points along the way while picking up other space junk.  Yo-yo’s will keep your hands busy, and juggling balls will keep your feet moving along gaining points the whole time.  But if you grab a piece of space junk in either hand or foot while your juggling or yo-yoing, you’ll loose those items.

The game even has a brass monkey that attacks you and you can fend off by spinning around really quickly (don’t spin too fast or you might get ill).

All in all, a really unique game idea, with a great implentation, all the way down to the radioactive items in the background that you can pick up and the very appropriate sounds and music.  My only issue was that i can’t envision playing more than 15 minutes since the basic moves are the same and quickly become boring.  At least to me… now my kids on the other hand…

Quick Take

Value:  High.  Its free right now.
Would I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning Curve:  Low
Who is it for:  Anyone who likes fast paced, unique games.
What I like:  Unique, Fun, and lots of fun.
What I Don’t:
  Got somewhat repetitive and boring after 15 minutes.

Final Statement:  This is a creative idea and definately keeps my kids entertained for longer than it keeps me entertained.



Read the Developer's Notes:
Space... The final destination... for Earth‘s garbage. Earth’s Space Agency has recruited one courageous monkey to help the cause. His mission: clean up the entire cosmos. Give Space Monkey a cosmic spin to help grab junk, deflect hazards, and take down the biggest, baddest space enemies of them all. But be careful - if you spin too much. he will get sick! How hard could it be, right? Besides, he works for bananas.Features- Fantastically simple controls - all using the touchscreen!- Score big points by spinning, catching, and juggling space junk- Explore multiple galaxies - encounter new life in over 70 levels- Endless Replay Value - no level ever plays the same way twiceO U R   T A K E .  .  .

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