Spark Review – Dating App With Choices

On September 14, 2015

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Spark Review – Dating App With Choices

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By: Spark Networks USA

Version #: 1.0.3

Date Released: 2015-09-09

Developer: Spark Networks USA

Price: free

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The dating app pool is brimming to the edges in the App Store. Spark – Dating App offers something a tad bit different. No more swiping to get to the one you like. Well, there is swiping but you have to investigate and choose between two people first.

When creating a profile for the first time, you need to login using your Facebook account. Once logged in, the app pulls information and pictures from your Facebook profile to create your Spark profile. At this point, if you have memes that show up in your Spark profile or even your kids, you may want to go ahead and delete them right away.

Once your profile is set, you are ready to begin the choosing process. The app will present two pictures (top and bottom) for you to choose. At this point, you are able to tap a picture to bring up more information on the person if you do not want to choose just based on appearance, but if you do, go ahead and select based on appearance alone.


If the person you choose selects you as well, the two of you are then able to message each other within the app and begin getting to know each other. If the other person does not select you, there will be no connection and there is no communication between the two of you.


If you get to a paring where you really can’t choose either of them, you may skip up to five times within a 24 hour period. On the 25th hour you will get another five skips. However, if you wish to get more skips, you can purchase them.

The app may not be as populated as many would like, but it does take a while for an app like this to be populated in locations.

I like how you can dig a bit more into the person more than their appearance, if you want. Obviously, appearance is important, but it isn’t always everything in a relationship.

Spark – Dating App (App Store link)

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Singles looking to meet other singles in their area.

What I Like:Ease of use and the ability to learn more before selecting.

What I Don't Like:The required Facebook connection.

Final Statement:: Great app for finding singles in your area and learning more about them.

Read the Developer's Notes:
The Spark App is the hottest new way to ignite your dating life! More than just swiping, this app introduces ‘swiping with a choice.’ Simply compare two local singles you’d like to date and swipe your favorite. If that person likes you back, it’s a match! You can then chat and message within the app. Whether you're looking to date more, find a serious relationship, or are returning to the dating scene after some time away, the choice is yours!

Here’s How It Works:

1. You are presented with two profiles. Pick your favorite by either swiping up or double tapping. If you're not interested in either profile, tap the “Skip” button and be instantly presented with two new profiles.

2. You can use a skip 5 times within a 24-hour period. If you've used all your skips for that period, you can either wait till you are given 5 more skips at the 25th hour — or purchase points within the app, which can then be used towards additional skips.

3. If the same two people say Yes to each other, they can then chat within the app.

It’s that simple! Join Spark now and find friendships, romance, or whatever else it is you’re looking for — the choice is yours!

Thanks for joining Spark. Help us by rating Spark in the App Store and tell your friends to check us out. Have additional feedback? Email us at [email protected].

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