Spellsword for iphone Review

On May 14, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Spellsword for iphone Review

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By: Everplay

Version #: 1.0.3

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If I dispensed with the breakdown of the game and simply told you that Spellsword is a pixel graphics, chip tune, arena game with some RPG elements, I bet a good percentage of you would already be gone, and download the app right now. For the rest of you, lets look at this action game to see if it might be deserving of your money.

Spellsword has been compared to another recent hit Super Crate Box, and the comparison wouldn’t be out of line. The game is played in an area where monsters spawn and attempt to attack you while you fight them off with your trusty sword. You also find yourself collecting spell cards which activate on contact performing powerful attacks on your enemies. While the core gameplay is very similar, the two games diverge a bit in their focus. While in Crate Box, you only gain points by collecting creates instead of killing monsters, Spellsword takes the more traditional route of scoring your based on monsters killed. Spellsword does have a levels mode where you have various goals such as survive to wave 14, or even collect a certain number of spells, but the main game is the endless more where you face off until you die. The game also has an upgrade system that allows you to choose between upgrading abilities and spell power. As you play through the levels you will unlock more spells as well as trinkets and other items that will boast your spells abilities.

The controls consist of virtual buttons on the screen. Most of the time they work fine, but I do feel at times that they are a bit cramped and I find myself pressing the wrong button. The levels have unstable platforms which make it challenge to navigate across the arena quickly. Enemies pour in from all sides and consist of slimes, mushrooms, hornets, and of course the laser shooting Eyesarus, which is always a moment of tread for me. As far as arena fighting games go, Spellsword is enticing and will draw you in with its easy upgrades and unlocks. If you need a game to play while cooling off from your last 2 hour Super Crate Box session I would suggest your give Spellsword a spin.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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