Spinner Prologue – Review

On July 21, 2008

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Spinner Prologue – Review

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By: Spinner Prologue

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-10


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Spinner is a fun little free game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that makes good use of the devices’ accelerometers. Game play is simple- navigate your constantly moving game-piece through a maze. The direction you move is controlled by spinning the device. Spin the device to the left and your game-piece turns in one direction. Spin the device to the right and you turn in the opposite direction.

It may sound simple enough but its not.  Only a portion of the maze is revealed at a time so your reaction time needs to be fast. Moreover, since the game-piece is constantly moving, hand-eye coordination needs to be at its best if you are to make it through the maze.

Like CubeRunner, Spinner is more than just "proof of concept" for iPhone games employing the accelerometer. It is a whole lot of fun and, since it’s free, is definitely worth the price.

Quick Take

Overall Value: High since the preview version is free
Entertainment Value: High if you like this genre of game
Graphics: Basic but enough
Level of Difficulty: Harder than it looks
Age Appropriate: Any age but requires hand-eye coordination
Longevity: Medium
Would I Buy Again: At free- Yes. When the pay version comes it will depend on the price

Final Statement: A funny little game worth the time it takes to download and the "Wow" factor of having to physically spin the device to control it.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Work your way through all the mazes in this fun puzzle game.

You are the ARROW, constantly moving in a forward direction. Navigate the mazes by rotating your iPhone around to spin the world as you make your way through the maze.

Be careful not to hit the walls!

Try this FREE prologue version, with an expanded version coming soon! O U R   T A K E . . .

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