SplashMoney – Review

On September 18, 2008

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SplashMoney – Review

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By: SplashData

Version #: 4

Date Released: 2008-07-09


Price: 9.99

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SplashMoney has been available for some time now in the App Store. It can be used as a stand alone app for $9.99 or can be synced with a desktop version that is $19.99. It  offers a rather simple interface that is immediately familiar to those who have used SplashMoney on other platforms. After the initial splash screen (which lingers for a bit longer than I would like) the user is greeted by an account list. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, though, the Help screens are exceptionally… helpful.

Adding a new account is as simple tapping the screen a few times. The “Edit“ button allows the user to edit the various accounts, while the ”Tools“ button offers a wide range of adjustable settings. It is here that Currencies, Categories etc. can be changed, Passwords and other security options can be added or changed and the account can be synced with the desktop version (assuming it is running on your desktop).

The options along the bottom of the screen are equally easy to use. The ”+“ begins the process of adding a new account, the pie-chart provides an extensive list of reports that can quickly be produced, and the piggy-bank is useful for managing your budget ”assuming you have set one up). While you can choose to managing your accounts manually, SplashMoney takes advantage of the iPhone’s connectivity options and can sync with your bank, credit card company etc.  If you have set up a secure connection between SplashMoney and your bank/credit card etc, the “download” icon begins the process of downloading the most recent information to your device.

To the right of all the account icons is the account’s current balance. If the number appears in black all is well. If it is appears in red, however, it is time to take a second look at your current spending. At the bottom-right of the screen is the total balance in all the accounts.

If you are looking for a simple, quick app for tracking your spending or function as a checkbook register, SplashMoney can certainly fit the bill. That, however, would be a major case of underutilizing an asset. Why? Because while SplashMoney is both simple and straightforward, it is also incredibly powerful. It offers numerous features for tracking expenses, helps ensure that budgets are followed, and allows you to connect with your electronic banking on the fly. Since it supports a wide range of financial accounts it is likely to work with all your accounts, be they checking, savings, credit, money market etc. Moreover, the ability to use various categories, classes and splits can help the user get a better snapshot of their current financial situation.

I especially love the fact that as you input a new transaction you can change or convert currencies on the fly and schedule transactions and reminders in advance.

From the perspective of aesthetics SplashMoney is fine. Not great, just fine. The screens are crisp, clean and easy to use. The colors have enough contrast to make reading easy and the icons are sufficient. Again, it is fine aesthetically just not exciting or eye-popping. Then again, this is the kind of app where function is far more important than form.

Some people may be hesitant to use the online account update feature, but fortunately there is secure password protection using Blowfish encryption.


Syncing your information to your desktop over WiFi requires SplashMoney’s desktop program for an additional $19.99. The extra expense means you can input data using a full keyboard and screen while also creating a copy/backup of your data in both locations.
The desktop application is nice as a stand-alone application and the WiFi sync is FAST! (Unfortunately it takes numerous taps to get to the sync button.)

Quick Take

Value: Medium- I would not use SplashMoney for iPhone without the desktop version. When combined the two are a bit pricey.
Would I Buy Again:  Probably
Learning Curve: Medium. SplashMoney can be used as a simple checkbook record or it can be a powerful financial application depending upon your needs.
Who is it for: Anyone who needs to track their finances on the run
What I like: Easy to use, works well, syncs quickly
What I Don’t: Really need to purchase the desktop version at an additional expense, much back back and forth between screens to input data 

Final Statement: 

I downloaded SplashMoney when it was first released. At the time it was a bit unpolished, it crashed all the time (as did many of my apps pre-2.1) and the WiFi sync (which was released a bit later) was flakey. Fast forward two months. SplashMoney is rock solid and the WiFi sync works perfectly.

If you want to track your spending on the run or simply catch up with your financial life whenever you have a minute regardless of where
you are, SplashMoney is worth a look.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Manage your money anytime, anywhere. Connect to your online bank from your desktop computer or iPhone and download transactions directly into SplashMoney. Create budgets and then track and analyze your spending with customizable reports and charts. Synchronize your iPhone wirelessly with your desktop computer to stay on top of your finances whether you're at home, on the road. or in the office.Key Features: * Connect wirelessly to almost any online bank account list of banks}* Supports most account types: checking, savings, credit card, cash, asset, liability, money market and line of credit* Secure password protection using Blowfish encryption* Quickly enter transactions using memorized transactions* Print registers and reports* Scheduled transactions with reminders* Customizable transaction types* Multiple currency support with live currency updates* Simple. irituitive interface* Syrichronizes over WiFi with SplashMoney Desktop (sold separately)Take a look at our Exclusive Interview...O U R   T A K E . . .

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