SplashShopper – Review

On July 14, 2008

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SplashShopper – Review

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By: SplashData

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Date Released: 2008-07-11

Developer: SplashData

Price: 9.99

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If you’re anything like me, then you know the importance of having ALL of your personal information with you at ALL times (ok- maybe knowing the name of and date on which you and your husband ate at that fabulous Greek restaurant on the upper west side of Manhattan, some eight years ago, isn’t necessary for everyone) .  But (obviously) for me it is (hey, don’t knock it- you too may find yourself jones"ing" for that unctuous, smoky babaganoush that only "they" can make, someday).  And whether it’s calendar data (ala the aforementioned example) or lists, the information should be easy to enter, quick to access and sync"able".  Furthermore, perhaps it’s my bias toward all things Treo"esque" (as I am a recent iPhone/iPod Touch convert), but it seems to me that these functions should be uncomplicated and simple (inputting all of my information on one screen, at one time, without the back and forth editing and saving that is required by many applications).  So . . .

SplashShopper is a great way to organize your lists- everything from groceries and gifts (two of my most frequently updated) to movies and "To Do".  What I like about it:  the easy-viewing "home" page (with its customizable icons), the personalized "Grocery" list function, the well-structured and in-depth "forms" which you can either fill-out, as is or change to fit your own needs; the straightforward "Excel/Numbers" type spreadsheet on the desktop version (on which you really should spend all your time entering data because it’s SO much easier and faster).

Having said all of the above . . . In my estimation there is WAY too much data entry required.  I understand that I certainly cannot expect the app to read my mind, know my family’s likes and dislikes, or figure out all of the anniversaries, birthdays and memorable moments to which I must respond, on its own.  However, for entering prices for example . . . I want a little web "elf" to do this for me, after accessing the databases for the stores in which I shop, changing them daily (if necessary) AND alerting me as to circular specials and manufacturer coupons.  Truth be old, I don’t even want this functionality (although I can understand why someone else might)- it’s TMI- just give me the basics!  And, don’t get me wrong, none of the inputting is difficult to do (quite easy, actually); it’s just time consuming.  I suppose, after you do it for the first time (it’s like anything else 🙂 subsequent entries become faster and maintenance is all that’s needed.

Bottom line- I see value for some people (especially those without organizational skills and in need of a bit of handholding), but this app requires more of me than I am inclined to give.  SplashShopper is a thorough, well conceived application- just not a good buy for THIS particular shopper- sorry!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Are you highly organized? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to get there?  You need SplashShopper, the ultimate smart list manager that you can take with you. Manage your lists of groceries, gifts, to dos, wines, music, movies, and more! Track prices and locations. Easily manage and synchronize lists...SplashShopper, the ultimate List Manager for smartphones is coming to iPhone!SplashData is bringing their years of expertise creating applications for Palm and WindowsMobile to the iPhone with this incredibly hand application.O U R   T A K E . . .

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