Spoing for iphone, android, ipad, ipod-touch Review

On June 25, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Spoing for iphone, android, ipad, ipod-touch Review

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Chillingo is one of the leaders of the App Store world with literally hundreds of titles dating back to the start of third part apps on the iOS platform. Their games range across virtually all genres and themes. Spoing is a title that doesn’t break any new ground in either theme or genre, but it might have the right mix to offer a great experience.

When boiled down to its base elements, Spoing is a platformer with stark graphics and a selection of groovy music to listen to as your bounce your way up and up. The story is simple and it has you basically making upward climbs toward the top of each level where you find a gem. Speed is the only factor as you try and beat the clock for points that let you advance to new areas. Dying isn’t a problem as you are quickly sent back to the last checkpoint. Everything that isn’t a gem or a trampoline is deadly to you; including the ground. Some of the gems you collect stop the clock for you, while others give you the ability to add trampolines to the level. In some levels most of the level is drawn out by you as you climb.

With fifty levels to master, high scores and achievements to share through Chillingo’s Crystal service, there is a lot of content to enjoy in Spoing. The artwork is reminiscent of Trundle or Contre Jour, and there is a nice variety of music to choose from including your iPod source. What is Spoing missing? The only real issue with the game is the lack of variety. The game slowly introduces gems and building your own platforms, but once you have that, there isn’t much difference between the levels. The obstacles and levels begin to bleed into each other until you can’t remember any other them distinctly. Spoing is a fun platformer that has a lot of potential, but I think it lacks enough variety to compete with the many other games of this type.

We rate this app 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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