SpouseLink App Review – Connecting Military Spouses Around The World

On September 9, 2015

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SpouseLink App Review – Connecting Military Spouses Around The World

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By: MetroStar Systems

Version #: 1.3.2

Date Released: 2015-08-21

Developer: MetroStar Systems

Price: free

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One of the most unsung heroes in today’s military are the spouses of those serving in the military. These are the men and women left behind during active duty to take care of the household, bills, and family. They are some of the strongest people I know. Not knowing what is happening to your spouse and keeping it together so that their kids can continue being kids without worrying.

One of the toughest parts about being a military spouse is not being able to relate to others, even their best friends, who aren’t in their situation. Luckily, SpouseLink helps military spouses connect to others around the world doing, feeling, and thinking the same as them.

SpouseLink app is an extension of their website so that no matter where you are, what you are doing, you have the ability to connect to someone going through the same thing as you.

With this app you are able to chat with friends and family no matter where you are, share updates and photos using a variety of privacy settings, and stay informed of news within your community. You can join and create groups based on service branch, where you’re based and other interests.


SpouseLink is the brainchild of AAFMAA, an association with a history of providing support to military families. They provide affordable insurance and services. They created the app with OPSEC and PERSEC in mind in order to keep our service men and women and their families safe.

Obviously, this app isn’t for everyone. However, for those who have a spouse in the military it is an invaluable resource. Knowing someone out there is going through the same thing you are or has already gone through it can lift a weight off your shoulders you may not know is even there. With this app, military spouses no longer have to feel so isolated from the rest of the world; they can reach out and connect with others to share their joys, fears, and accomplishments.

The only thing I felt uncomfortable with was the fact that anyone could sign up. Like all other apps and online activity, the user must be aware that not everyone is whom they portray online. I am not a military spouse and I was able to sign up without a problem. I deleted my account as soon as I finished testing, but just a warning to the wise.

Quick Take

Value:Very high.

Would I Buy Again:Yes, if I were a military spouse.

Learning Curve:N/a

Who Is It For:Military spouses

What I Like:The support it offers military spouses no matter their location

What I Don't Like:The fact that anyone can join

Final Statement:Perfect app for military spouses how feel alienated and alone to connect with others going through the same thing.

Read the Developer's Notes:
The SpouseLink App is a free social networking app linking Military Spouses around the world.

It’s a resource that allows users to ask questions and share their experiences to help one another navigate MilSpouse life.

What are some of the features?

· Chat with friends and family, near and far
· Check out what’s trending in the military spouse community news feed
· Share updates and photos with a variety of privacy settings
· The SpouseLink App was built with OPSEC and PERSEC considerations to keep your family and your service member safe
· Join groups and find resources to stay informed, get support and be inspired
· If you’re looking to meet new people after your most recent PCS, join a group based on your base, branch and interests, or start a new group to engage other MilSOs

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