Star Sloth for iphone Review

On June 22, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Star Sloth for iphone Review

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By: FPO Projects Inc.

Version #: 1.0

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Price: 1.99

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In space not only can no one hear you scream, but no one can hear you order a double cheese burger. No one that is, except the Star Sloth. FPO Productions bring a hectic shooter where you fire burgers at the hungry space men while avoiding obstacles.

Yes, you read that correctly, a sloth. You play as a sloth burger delivering boy that lounges on top of a space ship and fires the tasty morsels while your boss periodically interrupts to quip about reporting wasted burgers, or conserving fuel. While this may be one of the strangest themes for a game, does Star Sloth deliver when it comes to fun?

Your sloth moves on rails that change direction periodically. As you fly through space you will see spacemen floating by helplessly. You may not save them, but you will make then definitively happier if you fire a delicious burger at them. Firing your wares involved swiping in the direction out from your ship. The firing becomes frantic as the screen fills with spacemen from all angles. To make things worse, some inconsiderate jerk spilled a bunch of space mines right in your path. Sacrificing a burger will cause these mines to explode, protecting you and your cargo. The game continues in waves until you are finally knocked from your spaceship, or you fail to deliver enough burgers.

This sloth doesn’t work for free. You earn credits that allow you to open up new areas as well as buy bling for you and your ship. The items serve only as aesthetics, and there are no IAP to be had in this game. The gameplay is simple and addictive, but I found the game adds little variety as you continue to play. Striving for a high score is less incentives as well due to the lack of GameCenter, or OpenFeint support. In the App Store world of $.99 casual games, this one doesn’t offer much in the way of anything special. If you like the theme, or if you have an insatiable appetite for sloths, then give this game a go.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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