StarXStar – Review – Puzzle game fusing logic and astrology

On February 15, 2012

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StarXStar – Review – Puzzle game fusing logic and astrology

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By: Steve Ma

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-01-06


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Logic and astrology – two words that normally wouldn’t be seen dead together – are the best words to describe StarXStar. The game is essentially about numerical one-upmanship, as you take it in turns against a computer or human being to control the 9-space board.

Each card has four sides with a different number on each one. The aim is quite simply to have the number on whichever side’s touching your opponent’s card to be bigger than his/hers. Simple enough really. Throw in a few different game modes, however, and StarxStar becomes a gruelling and brain-straining game.

As well as the basic mode, there is also a Rainbow and Expert mode. In Expert mode, the game includes special cards such as rotators (which you can, obviously, rotate) and inheritors, which you can stack on top of your cards, increasing their strength.

If you get proficient at that mode, you can test yourself with Rainbow mode, in which you have different colours of card, each of which has its own unique powers. Naturally, this colourful mode is the most fun.

Winning battles unlocks new, stronger StarXStar cards for you to use in future battles. This pretty much equates to a levelling system, as victory leads to your galaxy (that’s just the game’s cryptic term for your character, by the way) becoming ever-stronger. This adds a welcome new dimension to the game, and adds extra incentive for you to become ‘a professional astrologer’ (or, in layman’s terms, very damn good at the game).

StarXStar includes WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer, allowing you to play against your equally brainy mates (or against someone stupider than yourself if you need a quick confidence-boosting victory). This mode works decently, but it’s a shame that there are no online servers or rankings to test yourself against the rest of the world.

StarXStar may look pretty, but is a tough game that takes time to master. It has a healthy range of game modes to keep most puzzle enthusiasts engaged for a lightyears. The whole galaxies-and-starsigns theme is a little misleading in a game that’s essentially all about the numbers. Still, it means that deluded astrologers will be intrigued by this as well as keen puzzle fanatics.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Puzzle fans and deluded astrologers

What I Like:Variety of challenging game modes

What I Don't Like:Some basic interface issues

Final Statement:A challenging number-based puzzle game... with star-signs thrown in

Read the Developer's Notes:
Bring out your inner astrologer with StarXStar, a challenging card game for smart stargazers just like you! Use your skills with numbers and patterns to gain victory and become one of the best astrologers in the universe.


Make use of star patterns to control more StarXStar than your opponent. With 4 modes to choose from and 9 boxes to fill in for each battle, your goal is to control your opponent’s StarXStar by placing stronger constellations next to theirs! Just don’t let them do the same thing to you.


Use a variety of combinations or special StarXStar to diversify your game play and keep your opponent guessing! You can either dive straight into the game by choosing Crash or select your Galaxy and view your options in Base. Execute various strategies and make use of a number of different StarXStar combinations to test you and your rival’s skill, talent, and luck.


Choose up to 20 of your favorite StarXStar from your entire collection to form new and stronger StarXStar combinations. Select Base to build your preferred combination of StarXStar to prepare your own Galaxy. Knowing when and what style to use is just one of the keys to becoming a master astrologer.

Need more of a challenge? Test your skills against other aspiring astrologers to gain more experience and find out new strategies! Fight against your competitors either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Features of the fun and challenging StarXStar game include:

* Launch Your Way to Victory – Choose from 4 different levels (Meteors, Gravity, Rainbow and Twins) to train and test your skills.

* Simple and Slick Game Play – Starting off is as easy as learning how to control more of the game board than your opponent by placing a stronger StarXStar next to theirs!

* Control Your Universe - Customize the game to be easier or more challenging. Set the card level for you and your opponent, and choose how many rounds are needed to win.

* Build a Galaxy Your Way – Unlock different StarXStar patterns and construct your own Galaxy based on the available StarXStar in your astronomical arsenal.

* Battle Other Astrologers – Play against other StarXStar astrologers over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to boost your skills and test your Galaxy’s build!

Think you’ve got what it takes to control the stars? Duel the brightest and most brilliant minds of StarXStar today!

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