Study Aid – Review

On September 5, 2008

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Study Aid – Review

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By: Kelly Venechanos

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-01


Price: 1.99

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Junior year so far has been dotted with complex vocabulary and historical facts. If there was ever a time when I needed to use flashcards to study, that time is most definitely now. I really don’t have the luxury of spending over an hour to make flashcards by hand, and then risk losing them amidst the intellectual forest in my book bag. So, as has happened before, the App Store came through for me with a solution that would save me time and prove an effective study tool, this time in the form of Study Aid. 
If there was just one word in the English dictionary that could be used to describe Study Aid, it would definitely not be intricate.  As a matter of fact, I would gander that you would have to refer to a thesaurus and find the antonym of intricate to even come close to finding a word that describes it.  The simple controls are really what make it a joy and an effective study tool, even for the laziest of students.
All there is to making a flash card with Study Aid is to touch the “+” button to indicate you want to create a card set, label it (“AP Language Arts Glossary”, or something along those lines), and then add cards by touching “+” once again, and then inputting the information pertaining to each individual card.  That is all you have to do to assure yourself a quality study session that will prove to be as effective as using real flash cards, without the hassle of having to write them by hand, and unnecessarily occupying space.  Study Aid provides you with the option to create as many sets as you see fit for your studying needs, as well as with enough space on the cards to fit about five sentences.  If you need to, there is also a “randomize” button, which makes the cards appear in random order. The application also allows you to export any card set to the Study Aid sever if you ever want to send them to your e-mail or to a friend, for easy printing and sharing, or even create the cards online and send them to your iPhone with the click of a button.
Thanks to Study Aid, I scored a one-hundred percent on my first AP Language Arts vocabulary test, comprising eighteen rhetorical terms I was to know.  All I had to do was boot Study Aid, wait for my first card set to come up, look at the first yellow term, swipe down, read the vibrant green answer, swipe to the left, see the next yellow term, swipe down, read the vibrant green answer, and so on.  It was that simple, and instead of spending well over $20 during the course of the school year on flashcards, all I spent was $1.99 on the same product (but with more features) to last me the rest of my high school years.





Quick Take

The $1.99 asking price is way too little, as the convenience and functions it provides are of huge value.
Would I Buy Again: I would only buy again if landscape mode was available.
Learning Curve: Very low
Who is it for: Students who want a cheap and effective way to study.
What I like: The simple controls make it easy to study and find cards easily.
What I Don’t: Cannot look at the cards in landscape mode, like an “actual” flashcard.

Final Statement: This app is my favorite and most useful one thus far. The rewards I reaped from buying it for just $1.99 are truly impressive, as good grades are all I am worried about having, and Study Aid helped me acquire them.  Study Aid can help you do the same, too.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Study Aid is the quick and simple flash card program that makes studying a breeze!

Simply swipe left or right to go forwards or backwards in your list of cards, and swipe down for the answer and back up for the question. Study Aid allows you to easily organize your cards into lists and turn on or off the card or list that you want. Additionally, you can easily share your flashcards via e-mail with friends and classmates who have Study Aid!

You can also easily type and add flashcards to Study Aid via our website when you don't feel like typing them up on your iPhone. No account required!
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