Stupidness 3 – Review – There’s logic-testing, then there’s this

On December 6, 2011

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Stupidness 3 – Review – There’s logic-testing, then there’s this

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By: Ming Liang Chien

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2011-09-30

Developer: Ming Liang Chien

Price: Free

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There are plenty of genuinely challenging ‘stupidity tests’ on the App Store. While they deceivingly call themselves IQ tests, which they’re not, they nevertheless test your ability to think outside the box and challenge our linear way of thinking.

Upon downloading, Stupidity 3 appears to be just such an app, asking the kinds of questions that are never as simple to answer as they first seem. Some of the questions can answered with a bit of abstract thinking, and are satisfying to work out. Others however, seem designed to catch you out, and will have you cursing at how unfair the game is as you see your IQ trickle down to 40.

To some extent, you get used to the strange approach to logic taken by Stupidity 3. Certain question types repeat themselves. When this happens, you’ll victoriously think ‘Hah! Didn’t get me this time, you stupid f***ing game?!’ but then along comes another question to which the answer involves some manipulation of the question which you couldn’t possibly know about.

What I enjoy about these kinds of their games is that they have you hitting your head wondering why you didn’t see the right answer to a given question. Here, I wonder how the hell I was supposed to know what the right answer to a question was. Rather than testing your brain power, it tests your patience… and my IQ is not 25, thank you very much.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No.

Learning Curve:High - you may never work out this game's strange logic.

Who Is It For:People who want their patience tested, rather than their IQ.

What I Like:Funny presentation, some clever questions.

What I Don't Like:The answers to most questions are too obscure/

Final Statement:A frustratingly random logic game.

Read the Developer's Notes:

If you like Stupidness 2, you will definitely enjoy it's sequel, Stupidness 3! It comes with 10x more mind-blowing tricky questions!

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