Sudoku 2 HD Pro: A New Evolution Of The Popular And Challenging Game

On November 4, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Sudoku 2 HD Pro: A New Evolution Of The Popular And Challenging Game

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By: Finger Arts

Version #: 1.1.1

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By now, most people are well aware of the numbers game known as Sudoku, and the Sudoku 2 HD Pro app offers players an entirely new level of game play. In this app, players get traditional Sudoku challenges, plus a ton of features more familiar to mobile gaming.

The Sudoku 2 HD Pro app incorporates a Smart Point System which uses the value of blocks, rows, and columns along with different multipliers to calculate a score; and a global leader board that allows players to compare their scores to others around the world. The app also tracks the number of uninterrupted sequences of games that a single player has won, and will post that to the leader boards too. Players can only win a game when they solve puzzles with three errors or less, but they can also access some hints to help them with the more difficult games. The player also has the option of changing the look and design of their game board too. Players automatically advance to the next level of difficulty after winning two consecutive games in the current level.

There are other Sudoku apps, but the Sudoku 2 HD Pro app pairs the most popular mobile gaming tools with the classic puzzles and challenges.

This app functions with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices and works with English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages.

The cost for the app is $2.99 and all updates are free of charge.

If you are looking to really add some zest to your Sudoku gaming, the Sudoku 2 HD Pro app is a good download to choose today.

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