Super Mega Worm Vs Santa for ipad, iphone Review

On December 16, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Super Mega Worm Vs Santa for ipad, iphone Review

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By: Deceased Pixel LLC

Version #: 1.06

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Developer: By Deceased Pixel LLC

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Super Mega Worm, the retro graphic apocalyptic arcade game that gives you the reins of a giant man eating worm is back, but this time we wont be eating any military jeeps or rednecks. It seems the worm has taken a vacation and moved to the north pole where it has been awoken by the careless actions of one jolly old man in a red coat. Will this mean the end of Christmas presents or will Wojira finally be laid to rest by the impressive elven artillery.

Super Mega Worm vs Santa is a timely version of the original that packs in lots of holiday humor and fun. For those of you that are new to the game, Super Mega Worm puts you in control of a giant worm that burrows through the ground and pop up through the air to destroy anything in its path. Unsurprisingly, the land dwellers are not too keen on letting you just ravage the countryside, so as the levels progress you must face increasing pressure in the form of high explosives and military force. WHile you are taking damage you must also replenish you health by eating the various animal life on the surface. Through the game you evolve new abilities like a fire ball and an EMP change that allow for more destruction.

The Santa edition has all the things you loved about the original but with more elves and reindeer. The difficulty ramps up fairly quickly and fans of the original may find themselves caught off guard by some of the new units to eat/fight. The pesky snowmen were especially annoying since you can’t eat them like the rest of the enemies. Luckily, you gain some new abilities to combat the pathetic opposition. One great example if the ability to jump higher when discharging an EMP in the air. This makes it a bit easier to reach higher parts of the map with higher scoring sleighs and such.

Super Mega Worm vs Santa has GameCenter support and a bunch of achievements to complete. You can play the story mode or a timed attack mode and there are unlimited continues so I isn’t too hard to finish the game, its all about the score. If you love senseless destruction and retro pixel graphics, you will love this game. The original is already a hit and this one seems like much of the same for a single buck on the app store.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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