The Tag Show – Review

On September 13, 2008

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The Tag Show – Review

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By: John Ellis

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-26


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Photographs have become a window into everyone’s life! The advent of the digital camera, phone cameras and webcams have made it possible for anyone to take reasonably good pictures. With the arrival of computer processing of pictures there is no reason to not have colorful, sharp, wonderful pictorial memories.

The Tag Show presents a unique opportunity for you to view pictures from all over the world! They are called "public image feeds". With this program you can select "feeds" from these various sources including Google and many others. From here you can view all sorts of interesting photos in your Apple iPhone or iTouch. You simply select a feed and The Tag Show will create a very pleasant slide show for you and your friends to view. IF you’re sitting somewhere waiting for a bus, train or plane The Tag Show can while away a lot of idle time. You can even add your own personal music from your  MP3 music library while viewing new pictures.

The Tag Show will also allow you to link pictures you find interesting to your e-mail and send them along to anyone you like. The iPhone and iTouch features are also applicable to The Tag Show so you can view pictures in the portrait or landscape mode. There will be more feeds coming soon to further expand your visual enjoyment.

Note* This program requires internet access in order to reach  the "Public Image Feeds" so be aware of this requirement
No need to get too technical with The Tag Show. It’s just a really fun application that can supply you with fresh new images to view when you have some time to sit and relax a little. (when is that?) Go ahead take a few minutes off and enjoy The Tag Show!!!

Quick Take: When you’re waiting for something to happen and don’t have anything to read or someone to talk to reach in your pocket and pull out your Apple iPhone/iTouch. Go in to the main window and select "The Tag Show"!!

Value: alleviating boredom is priceless
Would I Buy Again: Yes for many of my traveling friends!
Learning Curve: Maybe an hour…..
Who is it for: Everyone who likes to view photos on pretty much any subject from around the world
What I like: It’s a great conversation piece at a party or family gathering.
What I Don’t: Nothing…….

Final Statement: I love pictures and what they represent in life. The Tag show supplies a device that allows you to enjoy pictures, personal or from around the world.

Read the Developer's Notes:
The Tag Show is the quick and fun way to view slide shows of public image feeds. You can choose what tags to include in the search and The Tag Show will randomly find stuff from various photo sharing sites. The Tag Show will even start with a randomly suggested search to get you started.

- picasa web album feeds
- flickr public feeds (coming soon)
- watch slides while listening to music
- save images to photo album
- email link to images
- open image page in safari
- send the images to iToony
- send images to Twinkle (Twinkle 1.2)
More feeds will be available in upcoming releases. Integration with more image apps will also be available in an upcoming releases.O U R   T A K E . . .

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