Iron Commando – a very interactive game


On May 11, 2011

The game actions take part in¬† 2046. The story of this application says that an anthropomorphic extraterrestrial species from outer space has overrun planet earth, and is releasing its unbeatable¬† forces on the major cities across the earth. Apocalypse threatens as rumor spreads that the invaders have scheduled a 7,000 megaton nuclear detonation.   You […]

Fast & Furious – test drive

The Fast & Furious movie¬† is the hit blockbuster action movie of the year! Your job in this game is to¬† rule the underground street racing scene as you explodes¬† through the streets of L.A., Mexico and the Dominican Republic! With this game you can challenge thousands of opponents in online multiplayer mode. Try to¬† […]

Hot apps

  • Elemelons Icon

    By: Andrea Probst

    Version: 1.0

    Category: Apps, iPhone

    Date: 2016-06-24

    Price: free

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  • Privates! Icon

    By: RXN

    Version: 1.2

    Category: Apps, iPhone Apps

    Date: 2016-04-18

    Price: free

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  • Did I See U - Free Dating App Icon

    By: michelle caffert

    Version: 1.1.2

    Category: Apps, iPhone

    Date: 2016-05-11

    Price: free

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  • AirParrot Remote Icon

    By: Squirrels LLC

    Version: 1.0

    Category: Apps

    Date: 2016-03-14

    Price: 6.99

    Our rating:

  • S.E.D.: Special Enquiry Detail Icon

    By: G5 Entertainment

    Version: 1.1

    Category: Apps

    Date: 2016-02-24

    Price: free

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  • Comixon Icon

    By: Orange Rockets

    Version: 1.2.1

    Category: Apps

    Date: 2016-03-02

    Price: free

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Angry birds Rio – the adventure continue


On May 10, 2011

One of the most exciting¬† avian adventures game continues! Help the Angry Birds to free their friends and defeat the evil smugglers! In the application¬† Angry Birds Rio,the main characters from Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape from their captors and planned out […]

A few details about iPhone WebKit Source Code

Late¬† last week, Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber made sure that they will focus to that fact that Apple had yet to launch¬† the source code for components of its iOS 4.3 WebKit implementation as required under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) due to Apple’s use of LGPL code in the project.Initiallym Apple has¬† released […]

Nightclub Story – An awesome game idea by TeamLava

Do you like the idea of managing¬† a nightclub, but don‚Äôt like to¬† deal with any dancing , extremely loud music, and the idea of¬† dealing with loads intoxicated patrons ? Well, you can¬† get your¬† own night club manager on in your own house¬†¬† or wherever you are with the application Nightclub Story from […]

Legendary Wars – For the warrior in yourself -by Liv Games

The Legendary Wars game starts¬† with an entirely¬† fantasy story which shows a kingdom in chaos, and your main objective¬† is to collect Sunstone fragments in attempt to rid the world of evil. This fantasy story¬† takes you through involves fighting all sorts of different enemies on levels with varied objectives. Legendary Wars gives you […]

Star dunk – a Space Jam Game

Star Dunk is a¬† very competitive basketball shoot-out game , where your mission¬† is that to¬† score as many points you can¬† in a free throw competition . Graphics are reminiscent of Geometry Wars; This game it has a stellar backdrop complete with a light show of shader effects for power-ups and ball handling‚Äì this […]

Falling Fred – Watch out for those obstacles!

The application Falling Fred is definitely not for the ones with¬† feint of heart because the¬† blood is¬† spraying around regularly, but if you’re playing this game perfectly then¬† you’ll not see a drop until the moment before you fail. The perfectly tuned tilt controls¬† used to push and pull Fred around the screen , […]

Frisbee forever – a frisbee tossing game

One of the most exciting¬† outdoor summer games can now be played all season round and indoors and that will be the¬† new Frisbee Forever app made by Kiloo for Apple devices. You maybe heard about¬† Kiloo before as they are not new to the app store because they already provided the apps Whac-a-Mole, Zenses […]

Doodle Fill – a great puzzle game

Four colors, many hours of fun! All you have to do is to doodle in the forms without allowing the same color to touch. This game is so¬† funny and sounds easy right ? It really is! … the beginning of it . Doodle Fill is a very addictive puzzle game that is easy to […]