Talisman Prologue HD Review – Simply Stunning

On September 16, 2013

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Talisman Prologue HD Review – Simply Stunning

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By: Thumbstar Games

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2013-07-08

Developer: Thumbstar Games

Price: 1.99

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The load screen of this game along is enough to leave one gasping for air. This is a clear example of one of those iOS games that, crudely put, appears all magnificent and complicated but in simple fact requires very little thinking to proceed.

Talisman Prologue HD is an epic board game released for iOS, but it’s no Snakes & Ladders. Each mission is carried out as a round on the board game, where quests have to be solved and battles have to be won. Cards are drawn from a virtual deck of cards, and these add to the game play experience. Everything is done via the rolling of dices, so while things might seem rather complicated with the multipliers for battle and all, it’s all really very simple to digest. Add in upgrades to strengthen your characters as the battles fight on and you have what is one of the most epic board games I’ve ever laid my hands on.

What lies in depth of the game resides in the fact that many different characters are available for unlocking. Each character has a slew of different missions that await him, and this in turn stretches the game and provides seemingly limitless combinations on how the game can be played.

With a multiplayer option being promised and due for release later this year, Talisman Prologue HD is potentially one of the biggest board games to have hit us this season. At $1.99, I’d say get it.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Quite difficult to grasp

Who Is It For:Board game fans

What I Like:The game depth is simply epic

What I Don't Like:Game is complicated and takes a long while to understand.

Final Statement:I hope the multiplayer feature does not disappoint

Read the Developer's Notes:

The prologue to Games Workshop's (creator of Warhammer) seminal fantasy adventure board game is now available!

8/10 IGN
"Game of the Week" Pocket Gamer
4/5 Appszoom.com

5/5 "The simple fact is, Talisman Prologue might be one of the finest examples of getting exactly what you pay for"

App Amped
"Fully recommend this game to board game fans all over the world!"

"Talisman:Prologue looks and feels great."

4/5 An excellent nostalgic romp

"Many have tried and many have failed, but Talisman Prologue gets it right"

"This is a crisp, snappy game that does justice to the original Talisman"

"Everything from dice rolls to performing various in-game actions looks and feels authentic."

4/5 "...can’t recommend it enough and I’m happy to have Talisman once again take a prominent role in my gaming life..."

"Excellent though the gameplay and presentation of Talisman Prologue is, the most remarkable thing about the game is how accessible it is to players of all levels of experience."


•Based on the Talisman board game | true to the original
•Classic board gaming on the move | fun brief sessions anytime, anywhere
•Single player play* | explore the land of Talisman
•10 classic board game characters | experience Talisman coming to life
•50 quests to play through | hours of gameplay to enjoy
•Original soundtrack | enjoy the sounds of Talisman
* Multiplayer game is scheduled for release Autumn 2013


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This will enable us to fix and update the game, making it better for all.

Email us for support here at [email protected]


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