Temple Run For Android Download

On February 7, 2012

Temple Run

Temple Run For Android Download – Some apps from Apple seems to be always popular when they are released. Temple Run App is another game that also grows more popular nowadays. This game is developed and published by Imangi Studios. Though some people said that Temple Run App is a game, but some others disagree with it. Temple Run App is an application. In this game we will find that it is available only on single mode. Since the first time Temple Run App is released it is only intended for the gadget users that used iOS as their OS, these days we will find that Temple Run for Android will also be available in February 2012.

Temple Run is the game that needs the users to run the character to avoid from the demonic monkey that pursue him. The players are needed to run and jump in case to avoid the obstacle while he is needed to collect the gold to shape the diamond. The coins that the player collect in Temple Run can be spent on the “store” that later on the player are able to purchase upgrades for powerups that are acquired in Temple Run. There are some powerups in full upgrade such as: Mega coin at 150 coins, Coin Magnet multiplying coin value collected by 3, invisible last 30 seconds, boost works for 1000meters and some other powerups.

Like the other that first released in the Apple system, Temple Run provides the ad-free version for the Apple gadget user. For the Android user, Temple Run seems still includes advertisement in it. Based on some users review we find that the pop up ad in this game bother the users. Temple Run for Android coming February 2012 UPDATE: And here it is!