TETRIS® for iPad Review

On August 11, 2011

App Type: iPad

TETRIS® for iPad Review

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By: Electronic Arts Inc.

Version #: 1.4.68

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Developer: By Electronic Arts

Price: $3.99

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Oh boy, I loved Tetris back when the first Gameboys were popular. I didn’t have a gameboy myself, so getting a go on somebody else’s (brother’s) Gameboy made it extra special. I’ve tried quite a few other Tetris derivates but it isn’t quite the same without the crazy original music….

Loading is also kinda retro, as it’s a bit slow. There are six options in the menu:
Marathon, magic, more games, statistics, options and help. Marathon is what you’d expect: the blocks keep on coming and it’s up to you to get them neatly lined up and score points, as the pace increases. Each completed line disappears and gives you a bit of breathing space, if the blocks pile up to the top you die. Magic is a great idea that allows you to blow up/magic away pesky blocks that are cramping your style, and help you basically to not die. More games is just ads for other EA games, which is lame, statistics is where you keep score.

What I really liked about this version is that when you are playing and a new block is coming down, the game gives you this ghost image of where it will fit. Very helpful, never saw that before! And Magic is a great idea, as you can get all creative, designing the blocks you want, turning them into bubbles and clicking them away, or making them magically smaller. It’s still so addictive, after all these years, that I find myself humming that crazy little tune. Definitely a good buy, you’ll enjoy this!

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