Tetris – Review

On July 28, 2008

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Tetris – Review

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By: Electronic Arts

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-11


Price: 9.99

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This is one of the best versions of Tetris that I have seen.  Always a big fan of puzzle games, I’ve always loved to check out the varied versions of this game put out by different developers.  EA nailed this version.

First, the interface for this game is top notch… it makes moving the pieces, rotating them, and pushing them (flinging them) down to the bottom into position very intuitive.  I love the fact that rotation happens by simply clicking on screen, and the fact that clicking on the right moves it one direction and left moves it the other makes it much faster to put a piece into position.  The use of a ‘finger flick’ to throw the piece down vs. dragging the piece down into place is very effective and lots of fun.

Graphics look great, colorful, bright, and very smooth.  The game moves fluidly and makes playing a pleasure.

I also thing that EA did a great job in selecting the music, the beat sets the speed of the game and makes it more fun to play.  Definately worth the $9.99, and its something I would highly recommend to any Tetris fan, now if they would only allow me to play my own music, that would make it even bettter!

Quick Take:

Value: Fair price for the best tetris on any platform.
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely.
Learning Curve: Low. Very easy to use.
Who is it for: Like puzzle games?  This is for you.
What I like: EA made a game that has been done a million times before, better.
What I Don’t: I want to play my own music.

Final Statement: If you love tetris on other platforms, this one will make you use the iphone exclusively for this version.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Tap into Tetris on your iPhone! Drag, Flick and Poke your way through 15 challenging levels. Push your touch screen to the limit in Marathon Mode and earn amazing powers in new Magic Mode. Give your fingers a workout by clearing rows to rack up points. Take
Tetris for a spin on your iPhone today!WHATS NEW IN THIS VERSION:
Tetris takes advantage of the Multi-Touch user interface.O U R   T A K E  .  .  .

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