TextGuru – Review

On September 23, 2008

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TextGuru – Review

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By: Steven Anderson|193031557

Version #: 1.0.5

Date Released: 2008-08-28


Price: 4.99

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What could be better than editing and viewing word documents on the computer?  Being able to edit and view them on the iPhone! 

I have been using TextGuru on the iPhone for over a week now, testing it and trying to evaluate how valuable it really is for anybody that writes on the go.

I decided to try it out using my first AP U.S. essay this year as the test subject.  I usually procrastinate, and wait until the last second to finish or write a whole essay (this one was five pages long when I was done).  This time around, though, I wrote it four days in advance (if this app was a person, it should feel VERY special).  I wanted to have time to edit and revise it with TextGuru, which is what the app is essentially for.

I have to say that it was fun editing the text in a novelty kind of way, as  using the copy and paste feature was amazing, even though it takes a few times to get how to do it right.  To get my five-page essay on my phone in the first place, I had to go on the designated site on the app, post my essay there, input the code my essay was assigned on the site unto my phone, and wait a couple of seconds for it to download.  Seems like a lot to do, but it’s not and was actually very simple.  After, so as to prevent others from looking at it, I erased it from the site, the only existent copy now safely stored on my phone.  I edited it like crazy and saved it onto my phone, even though I really felt I didn’t need to. 

It was just shocking to find such a convenient app that should have been in the App Store since day one, that I had to explore every nook and cranny that embodied it.  Another feature I found very useful (though not as useful as the copy and paste, in my opinion) was the search feature that allows you to find text within a file.  This is particularly useful when I need to go back and edit something that I cannot immediately find in the document due to the great amount of text. 

The app does not lag at all, which is another plus, as the keyboard is the main tool, and it fortunately functions rapidly and efficiently.  It is a great app that helped me edit my essay and receive compliments from my history teacher on how great the essay was (I wish).       
Quick Take: Near perfect app, great interface, and 100% useful.
Value: Very high value.  I would not be surprised if it isn’t free anymore.
Would I Buy Again: Yes!
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Bloggers, students, businessmen, and everyone else that is obsessed with copy and paste for the iPhone.
What I like: Ease of editing the files, and downloading them.
What I Don’t: Doesn’t edit PowerPoint.
Final Statement: This app might just be my best buddy.  I have been using it weekly for writing and editing essays on the run.  It’s the answer to my formal writing prayers.  I do have a life, by the way (okay, maybe not)…


Read the Developer's Notes:
TextGuru is an advanced, desktop class, multi-function text editor. No other app lets you get down to serious text editing like TextGuru does.

Features include:- Cut, copy and paste- Find and replace- Autosave- Integrated file sharing server - share files with other devices, browse the files on your phone with any web browser, and seamlessly transfer files between your Mac and your device (visit our website for more details)
- Search your entire document collection- Pastebin support with Pastie and Sprunge- Email entire documents or share pastebin links with anyone- On-demand web preview of HTML and other web documents- Display your documents in any of the 22 fonts available on the iPhone- View binary files using either hexadecimal or ASCII representation

UPDATE: TextGuru v1.0.5  This update adds a plethora of new features and enhancements, including: 1. Landscape text editing and viewing 2. Microsoft Office(tm) document viewing support 3. Totally redesigned text highlighting and selection method 4. A fix for all 2.1-related crashing bugs.O U R   T A K E . . .

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